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It Was All Hughes Tonight

Tonights win was all about Phil Hughes.

Phil Hughes during pregame warmups prior to a ...

Phil Hughes during pregame warmups prior to a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 29, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hughes dazzled on the mound. The Yankees youngster had only thrown 59 pitches by the middle of the fifth inning and was on his way to a no hitter.

Unfortunately, at the start of the eighth inning, Oakland‘s Eric Chavez hit a single straight at the mound. The ball bounced off Hughes. It seemed the impact of it caused confusion as Hughes spun in circles looking for a ball that was a few feet in front of him.

Hughes finished his expedition with a career high 10 strike-outs, walking two, a pitch count of 101 in total, and a score of 2-0. It was as strong as you can get, and from a fifth starter ridiculous.

Girardi, playing it safe took Hughes out and sent in Joba Chamberlain who allowed a run to score but looked impressive in relief once again.

Once again, Brett Garner ripped a single in the 9th inning allowing Granderson to score and giving Mariano Rivera some added insurance. Garner has become so dangerous not only running the bases but hits in-field singles in clutch situations. Garner is showing how much of a distraction he can be for opposing teams late in games. Everyone is loving this kid in Yankee Universe.

Mo came in the ninth to finish the game. It was not his best performance, as Mo looked a tad all over the place. Throwing 23 pitches to get two outs is not normal for Rivera, but the A’s did a terrific task facing the greatest closer in history.

Mariano got tested but got it done with only three more pitches, and picked up his sixth save of the season. Yankees win 3-1.

The Yankees have won six games in a row, holding opposing teams to a maximum of three runs in each. Tonight’s conclusion is the fifth series win in a dynamite jump to 2010 season.

Looking good….looking fabulous!!


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  1. nyfan says:

    Great post again!!! Hughes was so close…..but he has plenty of time to achieve that.