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Is Kim Jones a Yankees Fan???

As I was watching the tonight’s game (another nice win!!) I had a flashback from the playoffs in the 2007 season.

Envision this…the Yankees against the Indians in Cleveland, as they were the wild card team. It was right before the start of game one or two. My Yanks lost both games so what’s the real difference except game two was the infamous bug game where Joba looked like he had just come out of a swamp as a zombie. (Now that I think of it that is the one time Joba needed to be pulled out of the game as he was to young to know to do….sorry I am a retarded scatter brain) Point being it was during the pre-game warm ups, minutes before the first pitch; YES Network‘s pre and post game interviewer Kim Jones was getting ready for her little face to face pre-game with out captain. I am sure it is a highlight for all the lucky players who get to chit-chat with Ms. Jones.

Now I am on record that my recollection of this particular interview is not exactly how it played out with the actually statements made in the quick interview so I will just cut to the chase. Kim basically rattled off to Jeter his post season stats and how he has the best of this stat ever in baseball….blah, blah, blah. After she was done informing Jeter of his own stats that he definitely had not clue about she asked if he could live up to that and is that pressuring. Jeter looked at her like she was high and said well thanks for just jinxing me before a playoff game.
This is not the first time in which YES’s own employee, aka. Kim Jones has had Yankees players give her that look of “Did she seriously just ask me that?” And the word ‘jinx’ would be almost always be included in the player response. You would think that a person would have gotten the hint by now and I would presume with Ms. Jones job you would have to know sports and know them well.
My question and concern is that she doesn’t at all. Athletes are very superstitious as anyone would be if winning was at stake. I am not insinuating that voodoo and cult like craziness to the point of ridiculous is happening in the locker room at all.
But come on…nobody wants to be jinxed!!! And isn’t Ms. Jones getting her paycheck from the same bankroll the players are?? One would think as they all work for the some company!!
Tonight after another Yankee win and being in first place, barely. I think the world knows, as do the Yankees that have not even began to be in any place to think they got it in the bag, not at all, not even close. So why does Ms. Jones continually jinx not only Jeter with the error free streak comment but immediately after him Arod was her next victim!!
I do not know as an insider exactly how the Yankees Organization is run but I have an idea from the experience of watching over the years. And this ‘jinxing’ like behavior does not fit in with what I thought would be expected if you were working such a surreal job for the most respected franchise in sports. It is absolutely confusing the hell out of me……Kim must get her ass chewed out by someone and that is me not saying what I really think needs to be done but please know I am being way to kind!! now
I cannot stand Kim Jones and that is because of only one reason written right above this sentence….damn good reason to have!!
PLEASE someone, anyone stop this bad luck charm chick,now!! Since Kim has taken on this role four years ago it had got worse and worse. Now the team has turned their fate from getting worse into to visible hope and that hope has now become great again so Kim a little word from the wise and the heart of a fan…..
“Shut the f*#k up please!! I know you have a job to do so start to do it or shut the f&@k up will be your reality!!” Apologies for my hostility but there is just no rhyme or reason for her behavior!!
Now that I have blown off my steam, about the game….
CC looked like CC!! He is getting better with each start like if gets any better it would be almost un-human like but that’s why we got him to e superman!! Let’s not give the player of the game the win because the bats were great again….all around I am so proud that the guys look so happy along with confident as if they have seen the light again. I love the ‘you do your job and we will do ours’ attitude….been a while since the Yankees could be the example of that. GOOOOO YANKSSS!!!!



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