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In Baseball The Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

This past week in baseball was full of drama.

Division leaders are cemented their positions and the wild card races are heating up as teams scramble to make it a successful season.

Let’s talk about my Yankees. To say a team is playing great and consistently would be referring to the New York Yankees.

There winning series. They look like the best team right now but can the Bombers last through the crucial last few weeks with the end of their starting rotation?

Guess time will tell but one rule was broken that makes me nervous. This set of rules has been referred to more than the actual rules of the sport. It also seemed that theses set of rules would actually be upheld but after the names on a court sealed document of PED use, I should have known better.

The “Joba Rules” seemed to have been trashed. Ok maybe not forever. But at least for the Yanks last game against the Mariners.

Joba was not supposed to pitch today. Impressions were that the Yankees had moved young Chamberlain to a eight day rotation, from the regular every fifth day start pitchers have. That is the first time I have seen the supposed rule be so thrown out the window.

Concerned? Somewhat because Joba did not win, again. Maybe the rules were a better idea than all the critics thought.

It has got to be hard to be so strict with a player since his time in the big leagues began to all of a sudden given some freedom. Joba’s could just blame his lose on the rules. Everyone else has used that excuse, fan, manager, hater.

Is nothing in baseball sacred anymore? The rules seem to be bent for everything these days. And each time it doesn’t get the results being attempted for.
The biggest mistake the Yanks could make down the road would be to remove the precious Joba from the rotation and put Phil Hughes back as a starter. Not that Hughes will never start, he will and he will be excellent but not this season.

The Yankees should stick to what works and Hughes is the reason that the Yankees got the time to solve what problems the team had. Hughes in the bullpen equals a winning team, regardless of what Joba does.

Joba seems to thrive in competitive games that are important. The kid likes the pressure and that has been proven since his first time pitching in the bullpen a year and a half ago.

Well lucky for Giradi and Cashman because the pressure of winning the division and if all continues the playoffs. Competition at its height and I believe Joba will prevail because he thirsts those situations.

Blame it on the rules. “

Rules are made to broken” seems to be a theme in MLB these days so the Yankees should just keep with the flow of things.

By that I mean keeping Joba in the five day rotation and leaving Hughes in the bullpen. And the reason being, as simple as looking at the standings. The Yankees seem to win as they are, so why start to follow the rules that need to remain defective anyway.

Baseball season is not over by any means and it is not time to have any rules.