I'll Take The Loss Today, Boys: Hot Air Clouds Judgement in New York - Lady Loves Pinstripes I'll Take The Loss Today, Boys: Hot Air Clouds Judgement in New York - Lady Loves Pinstripes I'll Take The Loss Today, Boys: Hot Air Clouds Judgement in New York - Lady Loves Pinstripes

I’ll Take The Loss Today, Boys: Hot Air Clouds Judgement in New York

Another series, excuse me another series won is more direct. The Yanks took three of four from a fellow AL East team, the Toronto Blue Jays

Let me just commend both New York and Toronto, who were both subject to the hot, humid sun that was over Yankee Stadium. I went to the game and I couldn’t bare it anymore myself and spilt after the seventh inning stretch. Shhh….

I know my Yanks deserve better from me because the team has been playing their hearts out. As just an observer I was so drained from sun I was dizzy for hours after I had left.

I wrapped a sweater over my seasonal Yanks hat like I was in the desert. My hydration technique was desperate. I drank one beer, chugged two waters, had a fountain Pepsi but once a lady five feet from me fainted I waved the boys adios.

A few questioned my loyalty as I charged to the subway as the thought of AC was on my mind. Why you ask……here are the facts:
  • This team can never be counted out until the last out of the game is called.
  • Here are some future deserved headlines….”The Come-back Club”, “Yankees: Team That Never Quits”, “The Team That Plays To Win”, “Yankees Motto: Win Today”, “Watch Out Here Come The Yankees”. If that does not explain why whether you watch, listen or whatever form of technology one might use to see the Yanks game, you stay focused till its over.
  • Petite was not horrible today at all. Toronto is a great team cemented by being in first place in AL East for most of the first half of this season.
  • I try to keep up with as much general baseball as I can absorb. A few non-Yankee players I always keep up with, one being Alex Rios. I had just read over the weekend that Rios was in a slump and got moved down the batting order to sixth or seventh. Rios is a darn good player and that cannot feel good for any athlete so he was bound to get hot. Today “hot” was Rios’s middle name.
  • Eric Hinske seemed a little random at the trade deadline. I had that pit in my stomach that Cashman has given me before. Gladly, it was just obvious dehydration as Hinske made a diving catch that will be a definite ESPN Play Of The Week. This guy left Pittsburgh and never looked back. He was loving it in right field and the fans loved him back. Is Cashman some kind of psychic as each addition seems just add more team spirit and on this hotter than heck afternoon it was nice to see.
Now to finish off I have to vent about this on it’s own because I have kept my feelings bottled inside for long enough. You might be wondering what I am referring too?

Before I scream (yes, I know it is a blog) this point out let me state this is for me, as a fan, the lowest form of blame we can use. It has been used in every sport, team or individual to take any ounce of responsibility off the actual athlete(s) performance.

I personally see it as vindication which can be detrimental to some professionals because it can give a poor execution an alibi.

Wow I am even starting to wonder what I am talking about. It is as simple as bad calls made over and over by the umpires.

The Yankees, nor any team relies on winning games off favorable calls from umpires, nor does anyone expect that at all. Just making myself clear in case someone might read this that I am not attempting to whine my way into the playoffs or not into the playoffs.

It pretty much has been crap since opening day this season. The umpires calls have been so off and now so often completely incorrect something needs to fixed asap. I will say that it is starting to cost the Yankees runs.

In a game like this one it cost the Yanks a sweep of the Blue Jays. The game would have been tied in the ninth if the umpire had been doing his job. Jeter stole third base in the first-inning cleanly, and everyone saw it but the man who had the best view. Oh and if I recall it’s also his job…..(that was my yelling part).

Pics I took of this actual instance:


Our beloved captain never gets angry, even at pretty questionable calls. So for Jeter to get in the face of the third base umpire is all anyone needed to see. It is such a rare occurrence for Derek that I was in complete disarray and disbelief. This was the first of three horrible calls by this umpire in the game.

I do not know who the head of the umpire staff is but Bud Selig needs to address this issue right now. The Yankees players deserve the same fairness and attention to detail as everyone else. I am saying this out of complete suspicion because it is has happened so many times already.

Girardi got tossed in the first inning today and I hate that our skipper is missing games more frequently due to lack of judgement. Of course Joe G. is going to fight each one as any manager with a sense of duty would but it is getting out of hand.

Moreover, it is unfair and it hurts to watch it constantly. I don’t even know if it can be addressed or where to begin with regard to umpires but jobs should be on the line at the very least. This is not nuts it is crazy.

I am about to completely change my position on instant replay in baseball. I would rather the game take seven or eight hours long so the fair outcome prevails. It is not ideal for players or fans so the umpires better do their job better, period. End of discussion on that subject, for now.

One game away from cutting the Red Sox out of first place. Yankees need to keep up the consistency in Minnesota and Anaheim to beat these two teams. This team can do it!

To finish what this post’s title meaning from me is:
“TO MY YANKS: Today I will take the loss. I let you down as a fan and so did the officials. You boys played hard and never gave up. It was complete robbery of the things as a team you depend on from me and I will never leave you again. Another high five on a great series win and good things to come!!! Keep it up!!”
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