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I Hate When I Forget……

I almost started to forget that we are the New York Yankees!!! And how lucky we are as fans!! Here is the truth to what and why I was forgetting the above….
As for not making the playoffs last year, the first time in 14 seasons, also the new feeling of losing hope and it came oh so easily. Talk about my enthusiasm level for this season being hindered. To the point that if it was not perfect and the game was not won (and we all know it was getting scary there for a minute), I was angry. I was still recovering from being at both games two seasons ago….when against Cleveland, where Damon hit the winning home run to win, and the next night chanting Joe Torre for the last two innings cause we knew he was a goner but the game was still being played. And those two games had come after the infamous “bug” game, where Joba looked like he was in a bad horror movie!!
I am ashamed that I gave up hope so easily on my team. And mainly cause I started becoming the Yankee’s fan that watched every move, every player since 1980, every game, but no matter what happened nothing was ever good enough!!
I know two fans like this that are born and live in the Bronx still…..one of these locals is my doorman Patrick. Pat knows everything about sports. He hates the Giants and loves the Steelers for no clear or obvious reason. He is loud guy – I would prefer to say he has lots of spirit, but every time I walk in the building he is screaming at me about any mistake the Yankees made on or off the field! He actually seemed delighted when Arod got busted, cause he claims he knew it the whole time. He had predicted all last season about the Yanks missing the playoffs, so he looked at me like I was crazy for being upset about it. Pat without hesitation will jump on Jeter or Mo for making one little mistake. He is still hanging on Mo for giving up 2 home runs in the Tampa series….when the night before he struck out (like clockwork) three of the best young players in baseball!! Pat, I love you, but you are officially rubbing off on me the last 2-3 weeks.

Instead of running through the lobby I found myself almost relieved to see Pat. My usual words screamed in defense of my favorite, were turning into feelings of relief to be able to be understood. Instead of rushing to get my apartment and roll my eyes at the negative attitude, which I was sure not ever to be capable of, I started to give up. I hate to admit it but I started to think Pat was actually just realistic and I was the idiot flagged by all the bullshit that the Yankees bring. I was becoming a hater fan.

‘The hater fan’ – is a psychologically, very demented human being who proclaims to be a fan of a sports team but he/she hates this sports team with a passion. In severe cases (Pat) he/she was born in this town and has never left. He/she surprisingly knows more about this team and never misses a game. He/she cannot have a conversation that does not involve this team and if other attempts to talk about any thing else not related this person will unknowingly twist it back to bitching about this team. No one can figure out why on earth he/she claims he/she is a lifelong fan. This has been due to the looks this hater fan gives of shock and where-do-you-get-off and utter disbelief that anyone would think that was strange or be surprised.

I promise to my two friends (who claim to read my nonsense) and my dad (who has probably forgotten already) that I will never ever go to the dark side again!!

This weekend the New York Yankees made even my doorman Pat speechless. And the hater fan’s silence is the proudest and hardest respect that can be obtained by a team. Just an example….Pat even bitched when the Yankees won all those world series in a row and after this monster display of not only home-runs, not just one or two player coming up big, but of a team working as a team!! Everyone had played a part with everything and anything they had in their tanks!! Finally playing and winning by playing small ball and battling to be the best!!

It was inspiring, it was exciting. And I started running by Pat again in the lobby, but finally yesterday he was quiet. I turned in shock and said “Paaaatttt, their backkkk and their playing like a team!!” And Pat, while rubbing his chin with his hand, just nodded with a smile and a spark in his eye in agreement. I had no idea a hater fan ever stopped hating just cause that’s his job, his obsession…..but we have the Yankees to thank for that!!

I feel that my Yankees needed to jump on the field like they just won the World Series and once was just not enough…..the fans, the players, the coaches, the umpires, the media, our rival teams,but most importantly the haters needed all three of those amazing games played by the whole team!!

This is our year and we can win this whole thing, but it will take all aspects – it will be work for all and a lot of belief, but that team earned it these past few days……God its good to be a Yankees fan!!!!

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