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Hey Brian….It’s Time To Cash-In

With all the players enjoying well-deserved vacations, loyal fans wait anxiously to see what their team will do this off-season.

Admittedly, this free-agent market is not too powerful. There is no CC or Tex out there, but the Yankees complete silence is starting to sound arrogant.

What is the reluctance with signing Johnny Damon and Hediki Matsui?

Damon for two years because that is the least he should take. Matsui for one more season, with an option for a second would seem to be fair.

Even as strong as Godzilla is, the Yankees will read it year by year with a DH only player. In fact, that is reasonable as the line-up is to complete already.

The even bigger consideration for Matsui is Jorge Posada. He has two years left and can shift to a DH nicely. This is anticipated to expect in regards to Posada’s future that will mold Cervelli, just as Girardi did with him.

Andy Pettitte did eventually register for free agency, but we all know it is the Yankees or bust. It is certainly in Andy’s hands, and I think he will play one more time.

Our Southpaw still has the itch, the fans love him, and the younger guys can learn from him.

With the Angels wasting no time in re-signing Bobby Abreu, you got to wonder what Cashman is doing. Two years, for 19 million, is exactly what Abreu deserved after a superb first season for the Angels.

Where is the love for Damon? The Yankees can not give less then Abreu recieved, and tack on winning the World Series, in addition to being one of the giant stars in it also.

I just do not know why the Yankees would allow him talk to other teams. Trust in the fact that we do not want to face Damon next season wasn’t Abreu enough of a lesson.

Both players are not exceptional defensively in the outfield. As hitters, considered two of the best in baseball, who show super-human patience and continually stage with power.

Damon tied a career high in home-runs with 24, knocked in 82 runs, 36 doubles and has a .365 OBP. He works hard and brings no further drama to a clubhouse that does not need to be ruffled by some new import.

Damon showed his true colors with one of the best plays in World Series history. It took place in the bottom of the ninth, two outs, Yankees down 7-3, and away in Phillie too.

That makes me mentally tired just typing about it and for me it spoke volumes of Damon’s role and his true Yankee mind-set.

The Yanks have something that works, again and finally.

Damon will require more, so he will get more because he shares powerhouse agent Scott Boras with Abreu. Cashman knows the Yanks will have to pay-up.The Cash-man can certainly spend money, so a few more million is not my question; it is the years that I hope both sides can agree too.

Losing Damon would be a terrible thing, as the Jeter-Damon punch is dangerous. It is clearly considered Girardi’s top managerial act thus far. The 1-2 punch, made more of an impact to the group’s success then most realize.

Hopefully, all the three bigs will be back in pinstripes next season. At least Pettitte is either with us but not against us.

Let’s hope Cashman doesn’t let time pass to the point of insulting. Just remember, #27 would not have been without #18 or #55, that I can guarantee you.