Here Come The Yanks!!! Here Come The Yanks!!! Here Come The Yanks!!!

Here Come The Yanks!!!


Johnny Damon

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr


I am talking about the first 2 games against the Twins…..just in case you missed out on watching, here are brief updates:

Friday –

  • I was not happy when Damon, who is out best hitter thus far, got ejected in the 3rd inning. The umpire was making crapy calls for the entire at-bat. So,  I was glad Damon got pissed, which is a rare occurrence for him. It was in frustrating to watch and you can’t blame Damon it was 0 outs with 2 men on base and down a run!!
  • Brett Garner (whom I love, love!!) had a walk off homerun in the bottom of the 7th inning which gets everyone pumped up!! That boy is fast!!!
  • A-rod walked for his first at bat in new home; didn’t stop he walked his 3 next at bats…..better then not getting on base so again frustrated!! 4th walk came in the bottom of the 9th with 0 outs and Tex on 1st. I was wishing for an A-bomb!!
  • Bottom of the 9th inning, Twins leading with the game at 4-3…..the Twins decide to walk Robbie Cano cause he has been lethal so far and so up comes Melky Cabrera to the plate. Melky is not n easy out and has been great in pivotal situations but I was a tad nervous watching. I would think that as a player it must piss them off to have the teammate in front of you purposely walked….I would love to shove it in the other teams face!!! And that’s just what Melk-man did when he lined a two-out, bases-loaded single to score a pair of runs!! Amazing…….win No. 18!!

Saturday –

  • Looks like Tex is finally showing why he was the most coveted free agent player this off-season. Always nice to see a struggling athlete remember how good he is…..going 6 for 6 straight hits since Friday night in the 7th inning!! For this game Teixeira tied a career high with four hits and drove in four runs, including a two-out, three-run homer in the third inning. Job well done Mark!!
  • Bottom of the 11th, no outs, tied 4-4……up comes A-rod and finally he hit a 2 run, game winning A-BOMB!!! Hats off to Alex and win No. 19!! Hope Selena Roberts watched this one!!

Lovely quote from A-Hero (NY Post headline) – “I gave you guys something to talk about and write about in the 11th inning and I didn’t have to open my mouth. That’s the way I want things, to stay out of my own way,” Rodriguez could not have said it better.
What a great couple of exciting and inspiring wins for any team to have but selfishly proud it was mine!!!

I feel the Yanks are going to start creeping up the standings in this mighty and ambitious AL East!! This baseball season is the most competitive across the board I have ever seen… many exceptional teams, lots of extra inning games, lethal pitching, teams playing as teams, both young and old players both contributing, and just feel like the aura thus far is different from last year. Players look like they love baseball and I haven’t had that feeling in my gut for during the last few seasons. It is awe-inspiring, admirable and exciting all at once!!! So, I thank all the players for making being fan almost impossible not to be…..