Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don't Watch Rex Ryan - Lady Loves Pinstripes Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don't Watch Rex Ryan - Lady Loves Pinstripes Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don't Watch Rex Ryan - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don’t Watch Rex Ryan

The week prior to the start of the 2009 NFL season, a friend who happens to be a die-hard New York Jets fans and season-ticket holder told me an impressive story.


This friend had received a voicemail from new Jets coach Rex Ryan. Ryan had a request for all Jets fans to be as loud as possible for the Jets’ home opener against their division rival New England Patriots.

Any NFL fan knows the Jets have been a joke, and the Patriots are the scions of the league.

My reaction was “WOW.” I was thoroughly impressed. Admittedly, a little jealous too as a lifelong New York Giants fan because it made a fan know his importance to his team. My jealousy faded fast once I remembered this was the Jets, but if Ryan got the team playing—God bless him.

Well, it worked because the 2009 Jets went to the playoffs and that is more than I can say for my Giants.

So when HBO announced that the Jets would be the new team features on Hard Knocks, I was excited. I had admired coach Ryan’s energy and now could see first-hand how he worked his magic in training camp. I was excited.

Then, to my utter disappointment, coach Ryan is not the leader I thought he was going to be. Dropping the f-bomb left and right, while acting like a buddy rather than a coach.

Where was the line of respect or order? Surely, a team like the Jets could not be lead by a man who was more concerned about the cameras than the players.

One pathetic scene was when Ryan was doing check-in one evening at training camp chanting “Revis, where are you?” over and over again.

Darrelle Revis is the top cornerback in NFL, who is still under contract with the Jets for two more years. Revis wants more money because this season salaries are uncapped, meaning that the owners can spend as much as they want too.

I agree that Revis deserves a raise, but he won’t meet the team somewhere in the middle. Instead, Revis has not shown up for practice and he might never show up at all. Sure, this hurts the Jets big time, but to act desperate for a guy who is not a team player looks pathetic and desperate.

Overall, Rex Ryan’s cursing and one-of-the-guys attitude doesn’t draw the line of respect that demands respect. Trust me, what might seem great today, won’t last because it is too casual for the NFL.

Look at Giants coach Tom Coughlin as the perfect example. Coughlin runs a tight ship and has strict rules. He doesn’t budge for better players, which was a tough adjustment at first.

Now, the Giants know the set precedence that Coughlin is the coach. More importantly, he is a gentleman. It sets an example for players who have no role models and all they know is football. I’d bet my life cursing is rarely heard nor encouraged, but the players learn how to be men as well as football players.

Ryan’s style might initially seem fun and cool, but if it didn’t inspire me on my couch than I can’t imagine how it could for players. Ryan is a BLEEP-talker and he got it shoved back in his face when the Giants beat the Jets in a preseason game just a week ago.

The Giants were missing seven starters and added Chase Blackburn to the injury list during the game.

See, the Giants and Coughlin know it is preseason and these games are to smooth things out. Ryan made it out to be the Super Bowl, a game his Jets haven’t been a part of in over 30 seasons.

Truth is, New York is still a Giants town until the Jets prove it otherwise. The proof has to come on the field, not from an overweight, potty-mouth coach. All Ryan is doing is making the Jets look like a joke once again.

No wonder a majority of New York Jets fans are also New York Mets fan. Two classless organizations who have good players but there is no respect paid toward the actual sport they are playing.

Sadly, I hope that Ryan is putting on an act for TV. At least the Jets players have a chance to concentrate on football, instead of comments made by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Did you really think Brady likes the Jets? No, but liking doesn’t mean you don’t respect are two different things. The New York Jets give reason for neither.

These two quotes sum it up best:

Measure yourself as a coach not by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished given the ability of your players and the strength of your competition. – John Wooden

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation. – Homer Rice

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