Hank Aaron Takes A Cheap Shot At Alex Rodriguez Hank Aaron Takes A Cheap Shot At Alex Rodriguez Hank Aaron Takes A Cheap Shot At Alex Rodriguez

Hank Aaron Takes A Cheap Shot At Yankees Alex Rodriguez

New York Yankees all-star Alex Rodriguez has been a media target since the first day he put on his pinstripes.

Mind you, A-rod didn’t help the cause along the way.  Still, no matter what, when you are the highest paid player in New York and add that to a presence that made Jeter fans feel threatened, getting attention was inevitable.

Trying to describe A-rod’s time as a Yankee is almost impossible, but it continues to be filled with heavy expectations that he is paid to play.

This season seemed no different, until I watched A-rod’s press conference at the start of 2011 Spring Training. He really looked happy, which was refreshing and well deserved. He has dropped 10+ pounds, got the green light regarding his hip injury, which finally made A-rod just normal.

First thought in my head was, good for him. I have always had A-rod’s back until recently, but I blame it on being brainwashed temporarily.

Of course non-drama A-rod didn’t last long, specifically this past Sunday NY Post, yes two days ago, it ended when I started reading Serby’s Sunday Q & A With Hank Aaron.

Let me say I was pissed off.

Mr. Aaron is a living legend, and one that I thought had more class than to compare teammates who still play right next to each other (Jeter & A-rod).

Mr. Aaron’s comments about A-rod were hurtful, unnecessary and if it was supposed to be constructive criticism there are other ways to go about it.  Sadly, his other answers were pretty un-interesting but since the article started with the A-rod questions it was hard to even want to read anymore, like how  Joe Torre was lady killer.

Here is why I think Mr. Aaron owes an apology to A-rod:

The Post’s Steve Serby chatted with 77-year-old Hammerin’ Hank, now a spokesman for Topps, whose 755 career homers have been topped by only tainted Barry Bonds.

Q: Do you think Alex Rodriguez is a threat to break the all-time home run record?
A: I think he is. If he puts things where it’s supposed to be at. I think Rodriguez has got too many irons in the fire right now. I think his head’s not level enough to the point where he can have the kind of year that it takes in order to go past all of the records in the book.
Q: In what way?
A: I read in the papers, he said he had a great winter, for the first time. He should have a great winter all the time. When you’re playing baseball, you have to think about playing baseball. It’s a tough game. It’s tough, because you play so many games. I remember there were three years I didn’t miss one game — I played every exhibition game in spring training, and every game during the season. And it didn’t bother me.
Q: You’re talking about his focus?
A: If his focus would be the same as Jeter, then I think that he can do some great — he’s already done some great things — he can do some even greater things. I think sometimes it wavers. . . . It (doesn’t) stay on the same level.
Q: Players you enjoy watching today?
A: Jeter, I like watching. I think he knows what baseball’s all about. I think he appreciates the game. Jeter’s got a lot of skills as a baseball player and yet . . . his skills are not magnified to the point that you said he’s even better than somebody else. But he got the most out of everything that he had.

Read more: Serby’s Sunday Q & A With Hank Aaron.

Well, all I can say is I am glad Mr. Aaron doesn’t know me because I have made plenty of stupid choices in my twenty-ten years on earth. It was a low blow because from what I have read in the papers over the years, is that A-rod lives and breathes baseball all year long.

I hope A-rod knows that it’s just one opinion, and hell not everyone is going to like everyone.


  1. D-mets says:

    COBB – are you crazy writing that it was a pathetic article???

    It is just an opinion, which actually makes perfect sense…. so please explain the need to be so nasty???

    • Lavon says:

      Writers like this should be banned from baseball. If this man knew anything he would know Hank was only giving his personal opinion. I am sure A rod has been critized before until he knows the difference between opinions and trash talk.

      • Kate says:

        Lavon it is just an opinion…..I think Hank Aaron is a legend and not doubt about it. I just feel that it is a new era and if Mr. Aaron reads the papers so closely he would realize that openly criticizing A-rod is something he has clearly struggled with in the past. I believe it is because A-rod works so hard and the pressure is overwhelming. He looks great this year and does seem more confident.

        Also, it is Hank Aaron and I think any players ears would perk up if he was addressing you personally.

  2. Doug Paul says:

    I have the utmost respect for Hank Aaron. A true sports legend. He's still the top home run king of mlb as far as I'm concerned. What he said made perfect sense. He expressed his champion's perspective and mind set. I doubt A-Rod will get offended by the statements. And those of us who are fans and even sports writers don't have the luxury of criticizing his remoarks. We haven't walked in his shoes.

    • Kate says:

      Doug…I completely agree, but Mr. Aaron never played in the NY spotlight and nor has he walked in A-rod's shoes.

  3. anony says:

    Low blow? Cheap shot?

    THAT bothers you?!?! What are you, a woman? (Oh, sorry.)

    If you're Hank Aaron, you can say those things with the necessary gravitas.

    And be right. It all sounded constructive to me.

    Without guys like Aaron, Mays, and Clemente, A-Rod's ridiculous salary doesn't exist.

    Aaron is still, HOF and everything, one of the most underrated ballplayers of all time.

    • Kate says:

      It was unfair to criticize A-rod, if Aaron felt this would be helpful to A-rod he could have talked to him personally. If Mr. Aaron reads the papers, as he claimed that was his source for A-rod judgment, he would know that Jeter and A-rod's relationship has not been easy, which is why I find it to be a low blow. Jeter dates an actress and was pictured in LA and on vacation this off-season too…..A-rod showed up to camp in phenomenal shape so Mr. Aaron's comments don't make too much sense.

  4. Alex says:

    I think what Hank Aaron is referring to is if A-rod didn't focus on things such as being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz on national TV, he may break the record.

    • Kate says:

      I hear you but is that fair to presume what A-rod takes seriously and does not???

      • Alex says:

        I think 90% of athletes these days would laugh it off and move on, but A-Rod made it a big deal and supposedly wanted to sue over it. Focus that energy on baseball A-Roid.

  5. Anony sez:

    "Low blow? Cheap shot?

    THAT bothers you?!?! What are you, a woman? (Oh, sorry.)"

    Love the sexism by somebody who doesn't even have the guts to post with a name behind his own cheap shot. What are you, a coward?

  6. Matt says:

    Relax everybody. This was a good post topic, that if I hadn't seen it on here I wouldn't have known about Aaron's remarks. So thanks, Kate, for writing about it.

    My take on it… his remarks were a little uncalled for. But like one commenter said, he really has earned the right to speak as he wishes. In many people's minds, he will forever be the home run leader. And he has always been a pretty class act.

    I don't think any player in history has had to live through the constant media ambush that Alex has lived through since coming to NY. I doubt this one interview will even land on his radar.

    But on the other hand, few players had to live through death threats (as Aaron did when approaching Ruth's record).

    • Kate says:

      Thank you Matt!!

      I just was shocked that Mr. Aaron was so quick to judge and his proof was through the media.

  7. Timone Jones says:

    I agree completely with what is written in this article. Aaron's information is incorrect. Everyone in baseball knows A-Rod always works hard all the time. And what is up with comparing him to Jeter? Folks have stopped doing that, especially since Jeter and A-Rod's relationship has really improved the last two years. I respect Aaron, but that does not mean I have to automatically accept his opinions, which in this case, are based on incorrect facts. For a baseball legend, he should have known more about A-Rod and the situation before talking. By the way, if folks would stop talking about A-Rod all the time and following him around and taking dumb photos of him doing normal things in life and showing them all over the internet, there would be fewer distractions!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Timone – I just don't think it was a fair or accurate accounting of Arod's off-season antics. I am the first to admit that Arod can drive me nuts but I never doubted his work ethic.

      He has been good his whole career….