Halladay: 3 Reasons He’s Not For The Bronx But Remember There Is Always Queens - Lady Loves Pinstripes Halladay: 3 Reasons He’s Not For The Bronx But Remember There Is Always Queens - Lady Loves Pinstripes Halladay: 3 Reasons He’s Not For The Bronx But Remember There Is Always Queens - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Halladay: 3 Reasons He’s Not For The Bronx But Remember There Is Always Queens

It is about to start, the second half of the baseball season. Seems it is back to its paramount nature again. This is as exciting as baseball can get.

The race in the AL East featuring a rivalry fans have been craving to have back. This decades long dual has officially turned into a thrice. The AL East is just one of six leagues and each brings an amount of drama to it except for one.

To my dismay, this eminent battle is one I want to see again. It is the exception just not getting the thrust needed to ignite itself.

And it lies in the NL East, which has the Phillies. Most, better know them as the champs who are proving that last year was no lucky run. This ball-club is said to be a lock for October. This is where I see a Mets team that is pissed, fans that are frustrated beyond belief; a plague of injuries and no player has come up to the plate yet to rally this club.

You must be wondering how this is related to the title of my article/slideshow. Well, I believe that Roy Halladay could be the fire that makes the Mets fresh again.

My other theory is this ace could be the insanity that only my Yankees could miss the playoffs with.
  1. The Yankees need to learn from the past. Everyone knows the team has BIG money. Why? Cause we spend, spend, spend with the intent to win, win, win. Well its time to wake-up, as this has not worked, worked, worked. Finally, the team is fun again and adding a guy with the status that comes with a Halladay is going to overwhelm everyone. Its time to start sticking to what works suitably but it is not perfect by any means. Trying to attain perfection is the aspect to the Yanks routine that has been the hardest to break. Money cannot buy a world series….. Learn from mistakes and remember how much money was tossed to get this dynamic group already. And cheers Cashman because it is working and the haters can hate more but do not make your own fans join them please. Halladay would make me question Cashman’s sanity.
  2. The team is working harder for each other and things like 12 comeback wins in the ninth or whatever last inning it is does not just happen by coincidence. Motivation is behind the fight of not wanting to let the other guy down by getting lazy. I love Halladay but I think the Yankees will get lazy and expect to have to do less. And there is no denial that the subconscious damage it inevitably will bring will be hurt. Nothing screams lack of confidence more then desperation.
  3. What the Yanks would need to give up for Roy would be nuts. Toronto is in the same division but how much longer does Halladay have really. He is about to be 33, he has been injury recently placed on DL and he pitched horribly in the all-star game that almost slipped away because he gave up the hits. Plus I do not want Vernon Wells and his $100 million coming to my Bronx Bombers. The whole thing would be cause who else can pay that other then the Steinbreners’. Wait they still own the team, right? I miss George, I must admit. Then consider the players given to Toronto could become more of problem for the Yanks down the road. Am I psychic? No, but the Yanks do not fair well when similar deals have happened before. Faith in ability needs a chance to be proven first while in pinstripes and our younger ones have sure been great. Melky, Garner will probably get rookie of the year, Pena, Cervelli and Hughes has been lights-out, so what is the problem. Logically I think Cashman has really gotten the best fits that do not come into the spotlight of being a Yankee blinded. My hat is off to Brian, as he is good at his job.
  4. Now it looks like Halladay wants to go and Toronto needs to look ahead of this year as it not going to happen for this team. It is a smart and well thought out move. Halladay commands for so much and who else can The Blue Jays stick Wells and his overpaid self too better then Roy. Who could use this boost the most? It is the team that needs to get back to Amazin, again. Omar needs to do something BIG and this would qualify. Give Toronto Reyes and some prospects. Reyes is a thorn in the Mets. Reyes has the virus that Lebron James is spreading around sports; which is thinking that there bigger then the game itself. Wait, if you look at Jordon he was bigger then basketball but never acted it; Tiger is golf but respects its aspects; Federer is humble as the best tennis player ever to live so what is wrong with these young guys. The most important example for Reyes is Manny being Manny. Manny Ramirez is a pain, self-absorbed and ridiculous with his idealisms but the man has made the mark that makes it acceptable. Manny being Manny is no
    t anything to strive for or look up too but he has proven himself. I feel that Reyes needs a wake-up call and that will happen if the Mets get some courage to deal him.

My wish I guess as a fan I hope in the next two weeks when ESPN breaks the Halladay news it is for my other hometown ball-club. I am a diehard Yankees fan but I am fair as a person and its time for the Mets to have a big day on occasion as well.

Good luck to Mr. Halladay and whatever team should get the honor of such an ‘amazin’ player.

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  1. Travis says:

    The Yankees should not go out and sign another pitcher for a multi-year deal and pay out another 75 million. I hope Halladay goes to a NL team so the Yankees won't have to see him until the playoffs.