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Get The Hell Outta My Way…..

Once again its us and the Red Sox……this is baseball at its best again and it will be nasty!! Toronto has lost nine in a row, Tampa Bay has lost 4 in a row, Boston has lost its last two but surprise Baltimore has won its last four straight.

I have said for three seasons now that Baltimore is better then the respect given. Mind you respect has to be earned and the Orioles have not proven to have earned it as of yet but I have a feeling that their going to creep up in the standings. And it can’t be ignored as I talked about a few posts back, the Orioles farm system is probably the deepest in baseball from what I have read, seen and listen too.

You never know till a player arrives but this year I have been more impressed by the guys getting called up overall and all around then I can remember! I feel the younger generation is again honored and realize the privilege being given to play in the pros. I can’t say so-and-so minor leaguer worked harder or deserved it more than another but the key aspect is confidence. And for now it seems to be at a peak maybe because the farm systems are getting the attention like never before. Why? It is a proven fact that home grown players that develop from the bottom -up within one franchise arrive with more composure and self-assurance. I would bet that familiarity has a lot to with this. Sticking with a player makes him a person which is all anyone can ask for professionally and personally; sports is no different!!!

This is what makes baseball so great…..and sports in general!!

I still have high hopes for a Kobe vs. Lebron NBA Final this year is possible. The other teams are sure just as good, which has been evident by the awesome playoff games thus far. Would you have enjoyed just easy series for the Lakers and Cavs…..just cruise on in to play each other?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Whoever makes to the NBA championship this year damn sure will be proud and for sure I hope know deserve to be exactly where their at. And if it becomes the Finals the whole world wants it is nice to see know that Kobe and Lebron worked just as hard, if not harder then ever before in their careers to want to beat the other.

Inspiring to say the least but here is a little message to both my Yanks and the Red Sox from yes me the blogger Conroy:

“Watch these NBA playoffs as closely as you can or have been. Make it mandatory for the entire team… and.if you have a game DVR the god damn game for Christ sake!!! Require each teammate to wear the jersey of the team they will be cheering for to win. And then remember only one team, only one of those two talented players will be the champion……and give us the honor to watch a baseball rivalry come back to what it once was!!! OH ALMOST FORGOT… my Yankees make sure you win, please!!!!”