For The Yankees, Timing Is Everything For The Yankees, Timing Is Everything For The Yankees, Timing Is Everything

For The Yankees, Timing Is Everything

All teams slump during the baseball season at some point. Since the all-star break, the Yankees had been slump free losing games of course but winning series.

The last two weeks the Yankees have struggled.

The gap among first and second place in the AL East is getting scary smaller. The need is to win just one game to secure a post-season appearance.
The Yankees are on the brink of a team being in trouble, with main problems being:

• The pitching rotation is looking unreliable, except for CC Sabathia.
Pettitte shoulder is sore again but he is a veteran with a ton of post-season experience and he knows what needs to do in October.
• AJ Burnett is so erratic. Burnett either is on fire or is useless. Never can anyone seem to predict which AJ is on the mound each game.
• The biggest issue is Joba Chamberlain who looks like he is trying to pitch his way out of the post season. Sergio Mitre is NOT the answer and even if Chad Gaudin has a good start, tonight it is a risk.
• The Yankee Line-up is good enough to step in when the pitchers are struggling.

Tonight’s game against the dreaded Yankee killing Angels will give us some answers. Even with a secure spot for October, winning is essential for the Yanks success.

The last thing the Yankees want to do is have to go back to Anaheim in October. Avoiding this becoming reality is essential because the Angels and the Yanks do not play the same kind of baseball.

If the Yanks can win the East, it means playing Detroit Tigers in the first round. Home field advantage along with the extra rest day only adds to the possibility of major success to win it all.

Red Sox are surely making the Yankees sweat. Other than a loss against Kansas City, Boston is playing better ball and look like a post-season ready team ready.

The bullpen and the hitting line-up are terrific but the starting pitching is causing doubts. The Yanks know that a slump is lingering and have to put a stop to it immediately.

The last two weeks, Yankee fans everywhere have learned that this team is good.

Unfortunately, before we thought the team was great.

The next week the Yanks come home to face three against the Red Sox. This will shed the light that will pave the reality of the situation and then it will become a fact.

The fact that going into the post-season cold just does not work never has and never will.


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