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Finally Feels Like Home….

I will take Sunday’s loss as a merely losing 1 of 4 games in the series from the Indians. As I said before I believe that winning series is showing consistency which has been a mess for the Yanks the last few years. Nice win tonight, Mo looked great and Joba pitched like a starter but I never wanted him to not be if he pitches like this the majority of the time. Fact is he hasn’t proved it yet again my concern is now and I think testing him over the next two weeks would be a good idea!! The Yanks have a very telling couple of series starting tomorrow against teams who will slice our the middle innings wide open if given the chance!! Guess Cashman and Co. have some big decisions coming and tonight was a pleasure to watch Joba pitch…..didn’t we know he could already and for fact two innings is shorter then eight.

The ups and downs are inevitable within pro baseball but they streaks have to be shorter in the lose column. It makes me stress, cause it is to scattered and no middle area can be reached. Nothing is worse when this makes me delusional as I don’t know which team I am watching day to day and when you realize it is the same team who kicked ass the night before and within 24 hours lose 24 to 1. I don’t want to be nicknamed Kim Jinx Jones but this team came to win and I love it!!!

Boston has been the definition of the above since 2004, Philly is proving that they well-earned the title of reigning king, Dodgers and Mets are showing us all that attitude is more crucial then arrogant talent and Toronto just wants to stay on a permanent Halladay but remain only 2 games back (from 1st place..FYI that is us!!)

Tampa, Tampa, Tampa…..the Rays loaded and I mean to the max with young talent. I was more interested in seeing this ensemble of all-stars play at the stadium then the Red Sox back in April. But does young not define hungry anymore? Could a seemingly lost franchise that worked for all the respect that the Yanks, Red Sox etc. have taken decades to achieve. The talk of all sports last year, a trip to the grand stage by doing it the old fashion way made me as a fan petrified of this team. It seems that the Rays are playing like a frustrated team because expectations got the best of them or is their a lot of attitude in the clubhouse?? Something has to be going on here other then BJ Upton’s attitude problem but wait he was out for most of last season but who really cares. The Rays have started scrapping wins together as of late and I feel that the 6 game gap is going to start to close real fast. Maybe when the team came home after a tough road trip to Tropicana Field and the seats were still filled with ‘their Rays’ fans.

I would imagine the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Dodgers etc. love the loyalty of their fans. Could but only imagine if the history behind these teams did not cement attending a game to be historical even for the non baseball fan. This whole idea is a theory, just a thought of how lucky the players who get to play for a team where you know you have insta-fans, as long as you play well that is.

Nick Swisher is a dead on example of this. David Wright kills me when I see him on Sports Center committing an error because the guy is trying with his heart on his sleeve. And that my friends is what champions are made of. Other then Crawford, the Rays need to look to the fans that deserve better then their giving. Hey I only say this as a compliment because I know this team is damn well capable. Nothing like the comfort of coming home!!

Here is a problem with sports in general terms of defining the athlete……..

In sports of any kind, winning championships has come to define individual talent, not that it does not play a significant role on a resume cause does look nice. As a fan, I struggle with not shoving Jeter’s four rings in my rival friend fans faces. And god forbid anyone starts to rally that bullshit about Jeter’s being the statistically worst short stop in baseball or compare him to Jose Reyes that one of my first rebuttals is ‘well, I guess you can call me when *#^$(Q^$ wins four world series and an mvp in his first, otherwise kiss my ass and talk to the hand afterwards!’ If not baited, flushed with anger if asked to describe why Jeter is awe inspiring as a captain, a Yankee and all around as a player the four rings are a huge part but he is defined by characteristics as a person that surpass his crowns.

Same goes for Mariano Rivera he talked to the press immediately after he blew Game 7 of the WS in 2001 which made me respect him for his courage and example then winning another ring could have done. Someone should replay for Lebron after his unsportsmanlike display of being such a baby will be remembered and always in the notes even if he wins 10 NBA titles in the future. I was cheering for the Cavs because of Lebron but now he embarrassed me so that relationship is over. And the Knicks do not need that bullshit to add to all the bullshit cause the tank is full over at MSG and spike lee is going to start wearing Kobe jersey and he can easily convert cause he a star so Los Angeles will embrace him, open armed!!

Tampa is going to turn and when this team does watch out!! Yankees need to not let this first place in AL East get to their heads. Just because they don a pinstripe uniform of superiority does not make it automatic to fear, embrace the past but you earn the future.

Mariano became a champion more then ever after that loss, than any win he has ever had. Champions are made by how well an athlete can lose because losing takes more courage than winning does. Sometimes the rings or titles or championships are the flashy and easy for the non-sports fans to be impressed by but actions speak louder then rings

Fact is there is always going to be a champion in the end, always rings, trophies award to the winner, this is fact and it ain’t changing, EVER….but you act like a loser when you lose and people will never want you to win.

And who (I know this only applies to Yanks fans) doesn’t want to see our Yankees win this season, as finally they look like the team that deserves to be right in the mix. Yanks have a row of games against Boston in the ext two weeks, along with a series with Tampa so this will be very telling.

My message to all other fans:

The New York (mo-fo) Yankees have come to fight and that is a promise!!!

Welcome home boys, we missed you!!