You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

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You have to feel bad for New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett, as the New York and sports media has him already packing for Pittsburgh to join the Pirates.

I get that “baseball is a business,” as players have uttered this sentiment like a broken record forever to a point where it feels like they have been brainwashed.

The business world is harsh, but not many struggling businessmen get their dirty laundry aired out in the public eye like baseball players do.

And yes, people should get fired for not doing their job everyday but not like in baseball. When a team wants to dump a player, and are willing to eat millions of dollars just to get you out, can’t feel good.

All the blame lands solely on the player for underachieving, which usually entails fan and media backlash.

In Burnett’s case, the media and fans have pegged him as enemy #1.

There is some merit behind Burnett being ridiculed, as he has not been able to do his job consistently for sometime; but he was vital to the 2009 Yankees success. Along with some other shining moments, Burnett just continued to aggravate New York fans, which FYI is not a very hard to do.

There is not doubt that Burnett can pitch, and I mean like an unhittable ace when everything is flowing. Problem was that no one, including himself, knew what AJ would show up on the mound on any given night.

So, in a sense the Yankee fans are just as much at fault because Burnett’s biggest hurdle is in his head. And nobody seem to care enough to maybe try to be supportive to see if that would trigger the confidence, or tame the wild thoughts that continually have possessed Burnett throughout his career.

Well, Yankees Universe has been cheering to get rid of Burnett for three seasons, and I can only imagine how the six weeks have been on the righty.

Knowing that you have no choice in the matter just sucks.

And being forced to leave a winning team like the Yankees, to go play for the Pirates is basically career suicide.

It must be heartbreaking.

No one likes to feel unwanted, and having everyone in the World know it. You don’t get the option of a fresh start, and you must stop

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feeling like a person.

No matter what the line-of-work, or business there is something to be said about human decency especially towards someone who has tried effortlessly to get improve.

And that, my friend, is AJ Burnett in a nutshell.

I just hope all the AJ Burnett haters” out there know that the Yankees will be on the losing end of this deal with the Pirates. 

And I don’t mean just financially because Burnett brings pitching depth, which is essential in a 162-game season and especially when you are relying heavily on two rookie arms.

The other issue is that no one knows what Phil Hughes is capable of in-shape or not. He has been a disaster compared to Burnett in both lack of effort and performance. Also, Hughes is riddled with injuries.

So, please Yankee fans don’t believe for a second that the Steinbrenner’s need the money to sign Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez for a joint $3 million because that is total horse maneuver. The team will eat the money for nothing in 2013 anyway.

See, I grew up in my house where you always got an A for effort, and even if you failed completely. And Burnett has certainly put forth the effort to be treated a little nicer than this because he is being treated like he is Jose Canseco in disguise.

Just remember one thing Burnett-haters, the Yankees have not announced an official trade yet, so that means AJ could very well be in the pinstripes still and if so this negativity has to stop.

In total honestly, at this point, no one can blame Burnett for not wanting to stay in New York; because personally, I certainly would not care about helping a franchise that treated me like this and he shouldn’t either.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    "Well, Yankees Universe has been cheering to get rid of Burnett for three seasons, and I can only imagine how the six weeks have been on the lefty."

    Now I know AJ's problem. He's been throwing as a righty all these years, but is really a Lefty.

    I'm sure AJ's first 10 starts in Pittsburgh will look like:

    5-3, ERA 3.85, WHIP 1.312 etc. etc. Then you'll tell us all what a mistake it was to trade him. Look, he'll do well in the NL central esp now without Pujols and Prince and eat up those 7-9 hitters.

    Good Luck AJ………….

    • LLP says:

      Thanks Richard….I know AJ is a righty and I feel like this stuff keeps happening in my posts because I printed this out before I published it and it says righty!!!! I hope I am not getting hacked or something…..yikes!!!

      Better pray that NOVA and PINEDA can handle all this pressure on their shoulders for a full season….both mentally and physically. Remember how well this went last time.

  2. Dan says:

    The Yankess should not just give up Burnet in a salary dump. He is a servicable pitcher with a good arm and I believe he has the potential to flourish in the NL. Plus he certainly will have all the incentive he needs to prove them wrong.

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Dan….and talk about what the Yankee fans have done to this guy mentally!!??!!!! Half of A-rod's issues are probably the fact that he gets zero wiggle room.

      Funny thing is the Yankees would still be hunting for #27 without either A-rod or Burnett, as they were both vital to that Championship.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        In the 2009 WS you like to reference:

        Burnett was 1-1 with a 7 ERA and a 1.4 WHIP. A-rod hit .250 with 1 HR and 6 RBI in 6 games. Yes they contributed but were hardly the reason we won.

        Jeter, Damon and Matsui did all the hitting.

        • Richard – I was at Game 2 in 2009 at Yankee Stadium and if Burnett had not preformed as well as he did the Yankees would have been down 0-2 heading to Philly. That makes it a whole different ballgame. The Yankees had not own a WS Game since 2003 before Burnett came through. vs. Pedro.

          A-ord had 100 RBIs, 30 HRs, 14 steals and 80 walks in the 2009 regular season…..and without those numbers the Yankees would not have been in the playoffs to begin with. It is a fact when A-rod returned from hip surgery, the Yankees became the best team in baseball in 2009. And that is a fact.

        • Burnett pitched 7 innings, allowing one run and striking out 9 Phillies in Game 2 and he did keep the Yankees in the ALDS last year and these are facts.

          • SAB says:

            No, u love to use part of the story as if you have the only facts. what did burnett do in the other game in the 2009 world series? sorry but the results of how he pitched in that game is a fact too. together u have all the facts. and by the way, u do know that he has always been an enigma his whole carrier he did not pitch for bad teams, he had good era's, BUT he is still about a .500 pitcher. his carrier ave of 9.3 wins and 8.5 loses a year. he only won more than 13 once (18 in 2008) by the way. he is what he is and nothing more. and these are the facts.

  3. Los says:

    This story does not take the other factors in to consideration; meaning the organization depth and the fact that the innings provided by AJ at a tune of 5+ ERA is not hard to replace. Phil had 18 wins not to long ago, which easily tops AJ. If Phil does not pan out there is Freddy whom pitched well against the best teams and you knew you would be in the game, thus much more trust then when AJ takes the mound. I wish him well and there is no "hating," but with this rotation and the more than plenty of time AJ has had to prove himself, its time for him to move on. I think it will be as good for AJ too. Lastly, I'm not feeling sorry for someone who is getting paid 17 million to pitch in baseball games (regardless of whether he has not earned any of it.) We all have situations we have to deal with for our jobs / careers, let's keep this in perspective please.

    • LLP says:

      Los if you look at Phil Hughes 18 wins, 14 were when the Yankees scored 6+ runs. Hughes lacks a third pitch and all the run support in 2010, which was the most for a starting pitcher in the legue, masked his flaws. Hughes also is only 25 and he has had numerous injuries from his shoulder to his back etc. Also, what if Brian Cashman hadn't forced Hughes into a fitness center this off-season….???? He certainly didn't care enough to work after winning his 18-game winning season to get better.

      AJ's track record is way better than that of Phil Hughes….that is just a fact.

      • SAB says:

        Wow, so your argument is let's run out there a guy who going to give up 5 runs a game because he's better than this one guy? and let's stick to facts…. Ok, 2010, Hughes gets good run support, so the argument goes that's why he won 18 games. of course, don't keep looking at his stats because doesn't help u. Hughes ERA 4.19. Too high but in todays world, respectable. Burnett in 2010 10-15 5.26. For 2011, for whatever reason, Hughes was hurt or whatever and he stunk. Burnett 11-11 5.15. He stunk too. So, what u r saying is we give up on a 25 year old guy, with one good and one bad season, for a 35 year old guy who has had two terrible seasons out of three and the terrible ones were the LAST two.

  4. logan44 says:

    As a yankee fan I know how hard we can be on a player but this story's a joke. Feeling bad for Burnett is lunacy. This guy spit the bit a lot. Lets not talk about the lip he gives the manager when taken out of horribly pitched games. He won't work on a third pitch or try to learn to pitch. He'll just do the same thing over and over until he gives up this 5-6 runs in 4 2/3 innings and angrily leaves the mound. the writer of this piece watches yankee games like his mother. He trys so hard. We hurt his feelings. He's hurt mine repeatly watching him pitch. Who cares!! Its time for AJ to leave. He'll be fine in the NL central with way less pressure. Goodbye. PLEASE

  5. jackjk says:

    Worse story ever!!!!

    • Jackjk – you have the right to your opinion but please don't say anything is the worst just because you disagree. And also, at least back up your statement with some reasons please.

  6. moedee says:

    Is this AJ Burnett's wife writing this story? Maybe she's a Redsox fan because no REAL Yankee fan would ever write this drivel! He's un watchable most nights on the mound!

  7. SAB says:

    Umm….. hasn't anyone noticed this blog is not about reallity? A for effort? Wow. And understand, he has ZERO value to the Yankees. Between the major and minor leagues there are at least 7 pitchers ahead of him using the most pesimistic outlook of the 7. Fact, people, he's had a plus 5 era for two complete seasons. He only was in the rotation last year because of his Contract, not his Ability. Any other pitcher would have been cut.

  8. hotdog says:

    Burnett is more valuable in trade than as a starter for the Yankees…AJ would be competing for a 5th starter spot and I'd rather see Hughes get that shot before he becomes part of a trade…he's still young and capable of turning his career around…with Garcia backing him up and 1 or 2 AAA prospects capable of taking their turn, we're ok with trading Burnett…i hope the Yankees get something in trade for him but it's time AJ goes….

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  10. William B. says:

    As the 2012 season draws to a close, Kate looks to be right on; Yankees lose on the deal, Pirates win big and Burnett is a good pitcher.
    14-3, 3.19 era, a WHIP of 1.153 and he states he is having fun.