Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams..... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams..... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams..... - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams…..

Two NFL teams that fate in choices made will determine their success.

One has added an aging star, while the other team has lost one. Both the impacts of the situations will play a great role for fantasy owners.

Here are the plans laid out with what could happen and most likely will.

The Minnesota Vikings had a QB battle going in which the results would have been detrimental either way.

Hey but then superman flew in and broke it up. As Brett Favre knew he could be the first QB turned hero.

  • Tarvaris Jackson is not efficient enough to be a starter and would have been the weakest link that would be a domino affect on the receivers fantasy values; considering he was losing the #1 spot to Sage Rosenfels regardless and that is depressing to think about.
  • The QB is not in question as #4 (Favre) is playing again.
  • Watch for Bernard Berrian fantasy points to go up this season because of Favre’s throwing ability and experience incorporated with the respect he commands from opponents which Jackson and Rosenfels would fall flat.
  • This is in addition to opposing defenses being all wrapped up with RB Adrian Peterson; leaving wide receivers open with a reliable QB like Favre just cemented the Fantasy impact it will have.
  • Favre should add Fantasy value all around the Vikings from backs to receivers.

Favre is getting to much criticism for his lack in ability. Instead for the way he has made a media circus around himself the last two seasons which is disruptive. Favre should be called narcissistic but it just doesn’t seem to fit the persona he brings to a football team, both on and off the field.

No one can see what the future holds but I would be surprised to hear that the Vikings were better off without #4 anytime in the near future.

The New York Giants are shooting themselves right now, sorry Plex but the battle is to fill your talented shoes at wide receiver.

Eli Manning has proved he’s got skills. Playing behind, hands down the best offensive line in the NFL and has a tandem at running back that will be the earth on fire.

That all sounds like a dream, right? Except who is Manning going to throw it too with the lose of Plexico Buress at WR? This is a battle where hard work and Eli’s leadership will come into play.

Let the battle begin:

  • Ramses Barden vs Domenik Hixon vs Mario Manningham vs Sinorice Moss vs Hakeem Nicks vs Steve Smith vs David Tyree where the outcome has to fill a huge hole.
  • Ramses Barden is 6’6 foot rookie that might have the break out season; he didn’t miss one practice in camp (Coughlin lover already), he caught passes when covered significantly, running down field and over his shoulder; this player seems to be smart and hard working which will only help the rookie thrive under the coaching of Coughlin; if Barden can utilize his size he could see a lot of catches in the cramped end-zone.
  • Barden and Nicks just need to get used to the plays and to Eli and they could be the go-to over Smith.
  • If one or both rookie Wr’s, Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden, have a break out first season their fantasy numbers could sore but these are deep sleepers.
  • The “O-line” of the Giants is the template in the NFL. Gives Eli time in the pocket and holes for the Rb’s to use is a key element for this team.
  • Up, up, up will go the fantasy value of Bradshaw and Jacobs because the WR position will take some time for Eli to trust so expect running game to be big, literally; Bradshaw shined in all aspects in first pre-season game.
  • Osi is back after a season ending injury last year. He was the only player from the Superbowl winning team to have been named to the pro-bowl. And let’s not forget that was before the Giants got the respect of being the champs in 2007; this guy is that good.
  • Steve Spagnuolo is a football genius who single handedly reformed the Giants defense into a force. The hero of NYC was bound to be a head coach, as any team would be lucky to have this guy as a leader. He will be missed but his line backer coach, Bill Sheridan will fill his shoes nicely; Sheridan knows Spag’s aggressive style of defense and familiar with players; Giants Defense still an A+ report card.

Pre-season games, just as Spring Training in baseball really does add to the predictions made before. The only thing it can add too it the injury list of a team, which can impact someone’s fantasy draft decisions immensely.

Other then me worrying about the toe of a player named TO, it has to be clear that almost all the players are playing hurt in the NFL.

Would you expect anything else? It’s football, wouldn’t expect anything less.

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