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Fantasy Update: Battle Of The Blogs



April was not quite as successful for Lady Loves Pinstripes fantasy team, compared to my pure and very real New York Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez‘s struggles continue to plague my team. Arod’s performance is my tremendous advantage that has not been fruitful just yet.

Injuries have been difficult as Mike Cameron remains on the DL, recently joined by ace pitcher Jorge DeRosa and stints by Aaron Hill and Jason Werth whom are both back healthy. Werth is back to himself completely, thank god.

Now, left with Cameron and DeRosa on my DL. DeRosa is way to good to give-up, so he will stay put but Cameron still not convinced. Cameron has kidney stones and knowing how pro athletes come back way to quickly, this injury could touch him a lot more.

I lead the league in transactions, as I try to make up for an early-season slump. Now, LLP looks to have turned a corner, jumping from 18th to 4th position in league standings; and 1st spot in my respected Mickey Mantel Division.

Tomorrow will end my week facing Perpetual Blogging Co. and once again LLP is losing for the fourth week in a row. With just the weekend games left to go, without Alex Rodriguez hitting like Arod the odds are not looking too strong.

It is ironic to be so high in the standings even when losing each one of my weekly battles this far. The Mickey Mantel Division is by far the weakest link in the league, but getting into the playoffs is the goal, making it almost trivial to care that much.

Next, LLP faces Royally Speaking who has dealt with quite a few injuries and slumps in April as well, but his pitching staff is dedicated with Perez, Danks and Price solidly leading the way.

Going forward, LLP is still looking for a first weekly win, and hopefully not waiting that much longer for this to happen.

‘Battle of the Blogs’ is a 20 team, H2H (head to head) ESPN fantasy league started and commissioned by DOUBLE G SPORTS.

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments about my team that might be helpful.


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  1. Double G Sports says:

    Glad you are continuing to have fun in the league. My team is not doing so well either. I actually just filled out my trading block on there. I need some serious help.