Excuse me Hal what are you doing to the New York Yankees - Lady Loves Pinstripes Excuse me Hal what are you doing to the New York Yankees - Lady Loves Pinstripes Excuse me Hal what are you doing to the New York Yankees - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Excuse me Hal what are you doing to the New York Yankees

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The New York Yankeeshot stove has felt more like an icebox this off-season, and every one wants to know why.

As this winter has been full of mix messages, causing a wave of emotions amongst Yankee fans with some sad, others angry and the rest remain in complete denial.

While other MLB ball clubs are getting stronger, faster and younger the Yankees have gotten perpetually worse; and fans have Hal Steinbrenner to thank for that.

So it is about time George’s son gave some answers behind his logic because what is happening here is unfair, unjust and it is damaging the game of baseball at its core.

So, if you got the chance to sit down with Hal what would you want to know?

Well, here are the six questions I would ask the Yankees inherited owner.

1)    Following the announcement on November 20, 2012 of the mega-deal between YGE and News Corp, you stated to the Associated Press:

“The Steinbrenner family expects to have a continuing, long-term ownership stake in the YES Network and we will continue our yearly commitment of fielding a championship caliber team for decades to come.”

Do you feel like the Yankees are putting together a championship caliber team for the 2013 season? And how do you define “championship caliber?”

2)    Presuming that you answered ‘yes’ to question #1, could you please explain why the Yankees did not even make an offer to starting catcher Russell Martin? Martin signed a 2-year; $17 million deal with the Pirates, leaving the Yankees without a top backstop and his 21-homers and I would like to how that makes the 2013 better?

3)    Do you think your father, the late-great George Steinbrenner would be proud of how you are handling his beloved Yankees this off-season?

4)    You have been plenty upfront about wanting the Yankees payroll to fall under baseball’s $189 million maximum by the 2014 to avoid paying a 50% luxury tax, but is that really fair to fans? Please refer to quote in question #1.

5)    In the beginning of this off-season, Yankees President Randy Levine claimed that the team had a plan, or strategy ready to go. Could you please explain what Levine was taking about in detail?

6)    Finally are the Yankees planning to lower regular season ticket prices in 2013? Or God forbid raise them up?

The bottom-line here is the Bronx Bombers now have holes at 3B, DH, catcher, right field and the bench.

Add that to a 38-year old shortstop, a 43-year old closer, a 41-year old starter and an ace all coming back from recent surgeries. Oh don’t forget a farm system that is rotten at the top.

Well I don’t know about you, but that does not spell C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N-S-H-I-P to me.

Look, I get that the Yankees spend a lot more money compared to the other 29-teams, but saving a buck by not filling vital starting positions with legitimate players is extreme. Not to mention it is unfairly punishing Yankee fans for the big contracts they had nothing to do with.

Fans better be ready to kiss October baseball in the Bronx goodbye; and Hal Steinbrenner should be ready to see lots of empty seats if something doesn’t give.


  1. Jorge Rodríguez says:

    I am a yankees fan since 1955 and I can’t see how this team is going

    To be a champion,if they are going to put the team on sale today I don’t thing some body give a Penni for the team.

    I never see Hal in the stadium like I all away see his father looking his team play, I have some questions about. Some players.

    Bret Gardner he never is going to hit over 300 a bb pistol arm, look the history of al Yankees center filders.

    You can’t compare this gay whit, Come, DiMaggio,Mantle,Murcer,and Williams.

    Catcher, Dickey, Berra, Howard, Munson,and Posada bring him back.

    What a shame for all the fan that has being following this team for years.

    Apologies any mistake on may English.

    Best Regards

    Jorge Rodriguez

    • LLP says:

      Jorge…I understood and agree with everything you wrote. It is sad to see the Yankees go down like this but I am giving the front office the benefit of the doubt. They have earned that much but with each passing day my trust is declining.

  2. richard says:

    Wow, one of your better articles.

    I would cut and paste the entire thing and present it to All the NY media if it was late Jan or Feb, but it's NOT.

    I'll worry then. Stay Tuned. And even if Hal allows good things because of all the criticism, I don't care.

    • LLP says:

      Wow! Thank you Richard I truly appreciate the complement from you.

      Maybe we can see if these questions still need to be answered come the New Year, as typically Yankees don't sign in Winter Meetings but in past have made BIG announcements prior to New Years. CC, Tex and AJ's press conference was Dec 23, 2008 so about 3-weeks till real panic sets in. Look – I hope I am really wrong here!