Lady Loves Pinstripes Exclusive Interview: Getting To Know Lady Loves Pinstripes Exclusive Interview: Getting To Know Lady Loves Pinstripes Exclusive Interview: Getting To Know

Lady Loves Pinstripes Exclusive Interview: Getting To Know

The first time I went clicked onto Through The Fence Baseball, I spent at least an hour reading all the different content it had to offer.

For a new baseball website, Through The Fence Baseball covers it all, is easy to navigate, features some unique sections and enough fantasy baseball that will make a reader come back again and again

Here at Lady Loves Pinstripes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Through The Fence Baseball founder Jamie Shoemaker, who answered all my questions about his wonderful site. Shoemaker also discusses the upcoming season and of course I got his opinion on the New York Yankees.

With the 2011 season just four weeks away, it is the perfect time to check out some baseball websites, and Through The Fence Baseball is one you will want to be familiar with…here is my Q & A:

1) How did you come up with the concept for Through The Fences?

I came up with Through The Fence Baseball out of the blue. I was trying to think of a title I could run with that relates to a baseball saying. Playing baseball all my life, I had a coach that would always say “Hit the ball through the fence, not over. It forces you to stay within yourself and in the end, you ultimately achieve the later”. That same coach would tell outfielders the same thing when tracking down a ball “Run through the fence, not to the fence”. I’m really not sure how often that worked out in our favor. So, we’re attempting to go through the fence, not over.

2) Through The Fences just launched this month, how did you get so much attention from the get-go? Like mentions on ESPN personalities and MLB Trade Rumors?

Connections and being able to show what you believe in with confidence. We have some great interviews and partnerships coming up that we are really excited about.

3) Through The Fences has a cool blog by Toronto Blue Jay Ryan Shopshire, who is writing about his trip through the minors; do you think we will see him in the majors during this season?

You know, anything can happen! At Through The Fence Baseball, we would love for him to see action in the Majors this year. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are projecting him to hit the majors this summer. He finished at A+ last year. Not sure yet on where he will start this year. I guess a September call up is a best-case scenario right now. I’ll be honest; I’m not too familiar with the Blue Jays minor league system. Not sure on how many pitching prospects have the inside track.

4) Is Through The Fences just mainly a place for baseball fans or are you hoping it leads to something else long-term?

It’s always going to be a place for baseball fans. We’re hoping it leads to big things long-term! Like I said before, we have some great things coming up and some interesting content waiting to be published. We’re excited and our writers are too. Don’t want to give away too much, too early. We have some work with Charities and MLB sponsored companies coming up on the horizon.

5) What teams look to be the favorites heading into 2011? Or any other predictions?

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to name the top two teams of each league. Boston and the Phillies dominated the off-season. They always say: You don’t win on paper, you still have to play the game. That said, they have one hell of a head start!

Joking aside, I see the Cubs being sleepers (how could you ever consider them front runners?) in the NL, although I’m not sure they have closed the gap by more than 16 games. In the AL, I see the only real sleeper as the A’s. The rest of them you can easily say who is going to contend and who isn’t.

6) As a Yankees fan, I would love opinions whether writers at Through The Fences think the team is in a lot of trouble? I had to ask…. as everyone is sending the Bombers down the river already.

They had a troubled and rocky off-season, that’s for sure. I don’t think management is really making it easier for Yankee fans to forget it either (recent comments by Hank). I don’t think you can ever count out the Yankees. Those who are sending the Bombers down the river already are foolish to do so. Boston is for sure, a heck of a lot better on paper, but it’s a long season and the Yankees aren’t a team that goes away. I don’t really know how good the Rays actually will be this year. Hard to believe they can keep competing that much longer in the AL East without opening the books to keep the better players around. It makes me wonder how many good players they will let walk after the next few seasons. Other than that, the AL East is a three-sided coin flip, just like recent years.

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