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Everyone Knows That Joba Should Close

The Yankees are almost finished wrapping up a tremendously successful regular season.

Cashman and Girardi were baseball Einstein’s. Problems that arouse got fixed. And any looming questions from last season were obviously thought out by acquiring the players to fill holes in the roaster.

Girardi’s ‘outside the box’ thinking was just the refreshing change needed as evident by the downward spiral unraveling over the past few seasons. Must be very inspirational for the players to see the manager have such work ethic; it is a characteristic that legendary leader (coaches, managers etc) are made of.

The players look up to him and trust that what he asks of them is for the best of the team. Even failures individually are taken as a team. Girardi is clearly someone who the team respects as an equal and also as a friend.

The Skipper’s most successful change was flip-flopping Derek Jeter to leadoff and Johnny Damon in the #2 spot. Smart thinking for three reasons:

1. Brett Garner hitting at the bottom that splits two lefty bats.
2. Damon’s power in the two slot sets up for Texieria.
3. Captain Clutch is not his nickname for nothing besides his OBP being just higher than Damon’s.

Girardi decision worked out great.

As Jeter is having a season, which could be his most valuable, and Damon is maintaining his power bat by pounding homers make it official.

Now the question that has been a huge focus of baseball this season is still unanswered.

How to use Joba Chamberlain to be productive?

Unfortunately, for Joba it could not get worse. The blame in the end falls on his shoulders, which for a 23 year old that is a heavy weight.

Who gets the blame?

Not Joba, he was just doing as he was told. The gleams of hope due to one out-of-this-world performance made relentless efforts just become confusing.

All Yankee players know when their performance has hit a low point because the fans chime in. And at the stadium the fans were booing Joba as if he were the new Kyle Farnsworth of the team.

Safe to say that the infamous ‘Joba Rules’ caused a media guessing game and the debated still dominate the sports world.

Clearly Joba’s natural talents balance rarified air. The Yanks did not want to cave and put Joba in the bullpen. Hughes got tossed in the middle and he was nothing short of perfect.

Thus far, Hughes’s all around development is much more lucrative of a starter than Joba. Mentally and physically Hughes has matured and looks like a different player.

Surely the Yankees have to absorb some of the blame, if not all. Hughes was never treated with kid gloves but tossing him in the bullpen was because there was no other choice to keep him up on the major league level.

Hughes new position was the main reason for the team’s success but imagine if Joba had that success as a starter?

No point in daydreaming because the nightmare is making me not want to fall back to sleep.

Now everyone is asking is Joba can handle going to the bullpen?

Yes he can. More Crucially this might be the boost this special kid as a reminder of what he is capable of.

Joba thrives off the pressure of the environment, which has been on display since the last Yankee playoffs against the Indians.

The kid has the fierceness of closer. Hughes has the grace and poise of a starter. Hughes is confident which stems from not being paid attention too like his buddy. Figuring out how to get out of messy situations are so valuable, as you learn by experience. Hughes got left out there to hang what his arm dealt out and he is better for it.

Joba should go to the pen and not ever come back out. The knowledge that Mariano can give him next season is invaluable. Rivera as a mentor to Joba is crucial. Mo knows that he is human who makes mistakes and is calm around the hype. Joba is the hype and needs to learn otherwise or it could be detrimental to his future.

Surprising hard to find a fault the team with the best record in baseball and I hope the MVP too.

The reality of the situation is that Joba should go in the bullpen, permanently.

Imagine, could Joba be the crucial key on the road to a championship? Hughes was to the regular season so don’t count Joba out just yet.

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