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ESPN’s Baseball Machine Even Hates The Yankees

Finally, after winning the World Series there was no way Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian could not predict the Yankees as the favorites in the AL East, and the team to beat.

Well, ESPN Magazine’s Baseball Preview issue done  by the duo predicted that Boston Red Sox will win the division by four games over the Yankees. Yes, the currently reigning champs, who just barely make the Wild Card in 2010 as the Tampa Bay Rays are just a game shy.

Wait it gets better, Mariano Rivera will lead the AL East serious decrease in ability. Mo will nearly doubling his ERA from 1.76 to 3.18, about ten less strikeouts than 2009, and all done throwing less innings too.

The player with the biggest upside, is Red Sox’s 3B Adrian Beltre who’s home-run total will double in 2010 season. Beltre’s SLG percentage will increase from .379 to .454, and the one word sentence containing ‘Jackpot.’ finished it off this declaration.

So how did this one make sense because he had a career year in 2004? Maybe it’s because ESPN considers a player with multiple injuries the equivalent striking gold?

Beltre finished up 2009 with a total of eight home-runs and 44 RBIs playing in 111 games. Over the course of his career he strikes out 100+ for six seasons; last season he only got rifles 74 times, but in 2008 with more at bats he finished with 90 strikeouts.

How could Olney and Kurkjian come up with this? Did they lose a bet to Peter Gammons (FYI Gammons is a known Red Sox fan; just left ESPN for the Nation)?

Well, shockingly readers cannot be sure what exactly is going on, because these predictions were made by a machine. According to the Baseball Tonight gurus human error is running ramped in Bristol, CT forcing this device to simulate the 2010 season 100 times over as the reliable and accurate.

The confidence in the machine’s character is certainly on the line. This same machine who claims the Red Sox could potentially win up to 122 games, but the Yankees would hit a wall with 108 wins the champs peak.

Buster’s only disagreed with the machine about the Baltimore Orioles who might not depart from inadequate to kinda bad because of a tough schedule.

There was a lovely dig reminding readers how the 2008 Yankees missed the playoffs last season the three-teams raced for the division. Well obviously it was the only time Tampa was in the race, ever.

Like most avid sports fan, I am guilty of watching ESPN all the time, and have had a subscription to the Magazine since the beginning for the opinions. This domain has machines for everything already cannot one discipline stay honest to the unknown.

Than, my other opinion is telling me the device is Joe Buck‘s ghostwriter. It does not take a genius to see that announcing the World Series last season was pure torture for Buck. He is not fooling anyone.

It is just that I expect better from Buster Onley in particular, and ESPN overall.

My question is if this is the same machine who last season concluded Derek Jeter should get ready to move to first-base?


  1. Double G Sports says:

    ESPN is a joke. Not everyone, but most of the people there are a joke. I don't into account any of their predictions when making my own. I do like Olney for his rumor reports and stuff like that however. I hate ESPN Magazine also. Drop your subscription Kate! Do it for us Yankee fans!

  2. Kate says:

    It is starting to get out of control in regards to the Yankees.

    I watched the AL East Preview on BT, and if you didn't know baseball the fact that the Yankees are in this division would shock a listener. Red Sox was wild card, and Tampa Bay is going to win the division.

  3. Hippeaux says:

    To be fair, the "machine" you refer to was created by Baseball Think Factory and not ESPN. And, hey, at least it had the Yankees finishing in the playoffs well over 50% of the time. The poor Los Angeles Angels, coming off three straight NL West titles, apparently have only a 2.5% chance of making it four in a row. Seriously.

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