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ESPN: Every Sports Prejudice News

The Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in baseball, and it is the best start in the franchise’s history.

The above is the media buzz of the baseball field now. Thanks to ESPN, who has convinced every expert into thinking the Rays are the best team in baseball.

You want sunglasses to shield BBT because it is all Rays right now.

This makes perfect sense, right….please read the ESPN mock outlook below:

How many teams would not call for that tone after missing the playoffs in 2009. Do not forget the Rays also broke a 12 year-long franchise record for the best April ever.

Four whole weeks is plenty of time for a team to overcome a decade long of below .500 baseball.

Let’s not belittle the Rays did losing the World Series in 2008 and the first-time the ball-club ever made the postseason in the organization’s history. Can everyone read R-E-C-O-R-D, again?

The Rays loss, to the obviously better Philadelphia Phillies, in 2008, did open a door for them to make a clear statement from day one the following season as a team in contention. A company that was about to stay and that the AL East was now a three-team division.

The fact is reputations get formed in reverse, for the Rays or any other team. This is when a player’s real feelings, spirit and attitude get most vulnerable, so not giving up gets respect.

The dome is the Rays home, known as the Trop, short for Tropicana Field. The Trop is just an annoying bubble to play any sport inside.

Let’s give credit to the swarms of fans who live in Tampa Bay, Florida who pack the Trop when the Red Sox, Mets or Yankees are in town.

Ok back to the real world now, as that was NOT from ESPN it was a joke.

Obviously, the media’s definitions of honor are on a team by team system based personal vendettas.

Yes, I am a Yankees fan and darn proud of my team for coming back after 2008 with their heads high. Not easily done either, powered through the Red Sox embarrassing them over and over, not playing .500 baseball in April and heading into the All-Star break after getting swept like you read about by the Angels.

Anyone who excuses the Rays due to injury must not remember that the Yankees did not have Arod for the first six weeks. Also, Gardner was out for the season, along with short stints of Damon, Matsui, Jeter and Molina.

The biggest culprit of group bias is obviously ESPN, who is bringing this to a whole new level.

Just watch SportsCenter‘s most recent MLB weekend recap, which will be running the rest of today. In case you missed it:

The Phil Hughes kicking of Ozzie and his White Sox’s right out of the Bronx did not get one mention. No nod, for Hughes’ magnificent business or that he is 3-0 for the season.

The outing of Tampa Bay’s fifth starter, Wade Davis got props for his performance.

By all means, Davis deserves credit for stepping up to the plate after Tampa lost the first two games in the series.

Where is Phil Hughes’ love?

Instead, the Yankees game video was of the one home-run that the White Sox caught on the top of the wall, which was a terrific catch. Followed by, Paul Konerko‘s home-run, as well as Ozzie’s banishment, and both well deserving highlights, no doubt.

Just no mentioning of the trillion home-runs hit by the Yankees, who won 13-3 or Cano’s franchise record-breaking April numbers. Don’t both deserve a little air-time?

Not only the Yankees, but the Angels or how good the Marlins look?

No mention of the Phillies struggles, but showed their slug fest from Sunday which was a breeze compared to the Yankees tornado. Now the Mets are the team to beat after just a week, Yankees need to watch out too. WTF?

Bummer, that ESPN is the only true sports channel. Watching the YES network where the Yankees Classic Games wins-lose record is 1,000,000-0, and other than Mike Francesca, no thank you.

ESPN is all about the love of sports. I call bullshit. Truthfully, it’s a bunch of hater-fans who have an advantage of broadcasting childhood disappointments on the rest of us with disregard for facts via elimination.

So, understand that ESPN is making the Rays look like chumps by riding them like Seabiscuit.

The Rays are an extremely good team, with a lot of immature talent, that very well could win it all this season. Just remember so could many other teams.

Just remember it is early in the season for the Rays too, so don’t cripple them back to the babies from 2009. Lastly, before the Tampa Bay Rays are regulars, regardless of any stats or wins, to be in a sentence with the likes of the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, Phillies, A’s or Mets the franchise has a hell of a lot history to build first.


  1. FrankRays says:

    Now you know what it has been like for the last 12 years as a Rays fan.

    • Kate says:

      I hear you FrankRays –

      Well you got to start somewhere, right? Imagine how Red Sox felt till 2004 or how Cubs fans feel still?

      The Rays have it pretty good in comparison. To have a team that good in a decade+ franchise is what I would call having it pretty darn good!!