Eric Chavez You Look Hot In Yankees Pinstripes Eric Chavez You Look Hot In Yankees Pinstripes Eric Chavez You Look Hot In Yankees Pinstripes

Eric Chavez You Look Hot In Yankees Pinstripes

Finally, the New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman resigned ex-Athletics hottie Eric Chavez.

Eric Chavez about to swing, May, 2005. Photo b...

E. Chavez as an Oakland A Image via Wikipedia

It is mind-boggling that this took so long, especially after reading a mid-January post on MLB Trade Rumors that there were a number of teams interested in him.

This was not surprising because when Chavez is healthy he is as solid a player as anyone.

From 2001-2006, Chavez was a baseball superstar, winning six straight Gold Gloves at third base, as well as knocking in a least 22+ homers and four times he smacked in 100+ RBIs to boot.

Unfortunately, staying healthy has plagued Chavez over his career, and after calling Oakland home for all his 13-years in the big leagues, the A’s had no choice but to release him following 2010 season.

Not knowing if his surgically repaired back would hold up, Chavez agreed to a minor league deal with New York for the 2011 season.

Tragically, Chavez’s injury woes wound up following him to the Bronx as on May 5th he hurt his foot and had to miss 29 games.

When he return in mid-July, Chavez’s role turned crucial as A-rod was hampered by a bum knee and needed surgery.

Chavez jumped right in at third base and demonstrated to New York fans why he won six Gold Gloves. He didn’t miss a defensive beat, and at times looked even better than A-rod.

Even though he struggled at the plate after his DL stint, without Chavez to fill in for A-rod things could have panned out a lot worse.

No joke, Chavez is a natural ball player, as I have admired his talents from the East Coast for years. The guy plays defense with the ease of a ballet dancer, as he just glides and makes it look so easy.

I can’t imagine how different a career Chavez could have had if he had been healthy, but I will go as far to say that he might have been one of the best players ever.

Hopefully Chavez can stay healthy and start 2012 like he did 2011, with some big time clutch hits because having him and Andruw Jones all season long would be a big luxury for skipper Joe Girardi.

Just like you don’t have to be Einstein to guess what lady was elated when she read CBS’s Jon Heymans’s tweet confirming that Chavez signed a one-year, $900k + incentives deal to be back in the pinstripes once again.

Nothing wrong with a little eye-candy at the Stadium.


  1. Agreed! So glad Yanks brought Chavez back. If he can just stay healthy for a whole year Yanks have the insurance they will need if A-Rod can't do likewise. Great glove, skilled hitter and outstanding in the clubhouse. Today's Pinstripe Birthday celebrant shared those same three attributes.

    • LLP says:

      I have always thought he was so cute and just a natural ball player. He looks like an ex-boyfriend of mine from college….

  2. SteveKarsay says:

    I'm just glad I wont have to see Nunez airmailing that long throw from 3rd to 1st anymore.

    • richard griffith says:

      No, you'll see it from Shortstop instead, just like last year.

      • LLP says:

        No, Jeter doesn\’t do it for me as most athletes do not but Chavez reminds me of an ex I dated for years and always felt bad for the guy because of the injuries.

    • LLP says:

      Steve…Nunez will get better!! Jeter had a ton of errors his first season. Nunez is a natural ball player so have faith that we should see marked improvement this season.