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Ending On A Sweep And The Yankees Will Weep

The Yankees are playing the last series in the regular season. A standard three games down in Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Remember back when everyone thought the Rays were the team of the future in the American League East. The young group of players is talented to the point of terrifying. Tampa had MVP Evan Longoria playing, 2009 All-star MVP Carl Crawford and the older Upton brother, BJ in the outfield to name a few.

Tampa Bay Rays was the team who was on the way to making a name as a franchise in 2009.

Imagine being a Ray’s player and having the Evil Empire, come into your house. This was not supposed to play out like this furthermore pissed, frustrated, depressed was like a virus in the clubhouse.

The Rays have the nothing to gain as the team’s season is capped out. Last season it was Tampa, not New York heading into October and eventually to the World Series.

It is safe to say that beating the Yankees, hitting for a cycle, crushing CC Sabathia’s hope of a 20th win and possibly sweeping the Yanks right into the playoffs could not be a bad feeling for the Rays.

The Yankees lost to Tampa. Let me try that again, the Rays beat the Yanks to a pulp and it is surely not the way a team wants to enter the post season.

Regardless of resting more starters and getting the young bucks some playing time Girardi doesn’t want to lose. The skipper knows that losing and getting your ass kicked are entirely two separate scenarios.

Pettitte and Sabathia are surely not benefiting from bad starts preceding the pressure of the playoffs being next.

In the playoff’s, the first series is out of five games. The room for error is zero. It has been a hot topic to change it to seven games to make it a standard for October. This has not happened and it has been talked to death so hopes should remain low.

A seven game series at the least gives a team a minute to breathe and best pitchers can be available twice with more rest.

Point is the Yankees must outplay the Rays in the final game of the series, moreover of the season. A sweep digs deep for any team, at anytime, with not one constructive aspect ever coming after the embarrassment.
The Yankees need to shut-up this group of spoiled brats that have become the Tampa Bay Rays.

The other two losses can go away “when” the Yanks hammer the Rays on Sunday.

No credit needs to go to this group of Rays for what happens to the Yankees in the future.

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