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Don't Get In The Way Of The Yankees

Going into Philadelphia tied at one, to play three against the defending champs left the notion of uncertainty among the Yankees faithful.

Well, Yankees fans can sleep well tonight. The Bombers have taken the first two of three in Philly, securing a 3-1 lead.

One win away from being the champions feels pretty sturdy but it’s still not over, till that last out.

The Yankees are playing extremely solid baseball, taking advantage anytime given.
Anytime has a lot to do with not having the Phillies ace Cliff Lee on the mound. The rest of the Phillies pitching is unreliable, which was on full display for the Fanatic and company to witness.

In case you forgot or want to see what happened, read on for a fan’s outline of game three and four.

GAME 3 – Rain-storm went away and Yanks beat Phillies to close the day.

Saturday night’s game looked near to be a wash-out as the rain came down in Philadelphia. The downpours stopped about an hour after the real start, but the drizzling continued for the rest of the game.

The weather was not the only variable in Citizens Park, but Phillies own Cole Hamels, last year’s World Series MVP.

Hamels gave a burst of his MVP stuff for the first two innings. In-addition, Jayson Werth,

added with on of two homers to take an early lead.

Then Yankees responded with a two-run ruled homer by Arod, followed by a Swisher double and a thriller by Godzilla to give the Yanks a continuous advantage.

In the fifth, Johnny Damon whacked a true Damon style double, after our Southpaw hit a line drive single. Both adding RBI’s for the Yanks.

Pettitte looked like a conventional hitter at the plate, as well as got the job done on the mound. The first inning was an adjustment but Pettitte got back to himself after the second inning.

Record breaking #17 will go down in books for the most number of wins for any pitcher in the playoffs, in history, as Andy Pettitte’s to keep.

Cole Hamels walked off the field to the sound of sorrow from his fans. This has been Cole all season, so it is not that much of a surprise especially in Philadelphia. Hamels is not the same MVP pitcher that has been his only consistency.

Game finished up in typical Yankee tradition. The dominant Mariano closed out the win, with a result of 8-5 and Yankees to take 2-1 series lead.

The Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel made some poor choices that only cemented the Yankees win. Not pinch-hitting Ben Francisco in the sixth, with a runner on first and Pettitte over 100 pitches just made no reason.

The second issue, is why did Manuel not take Chad Durbin out of the game? No one even got up in the dugout to warm-up, when Durbin was struggling.

GAME 4 – Winners play to win, as Yankees prove that in Philly

Two things best to sum up game four of the World Series.

The first is a quote from former Yankee player and manager, Billy Martin.

“Another club can be beating you for six innings but for some reason the good ball clubs get tough and win them in the last three.”

The second is the standard for this quote, which was clearly, seen in the performance of Johnny Damon.

Damon is a formidable player this is common knowledge but it takes a talented player with passion and knowledge that becomes inspirational.

Pedro Feliz hit a home-run in the eighth to tie the score, and the Philly crowd went wild with the reality of a win.

That feeling turned to revolt pretty quickly with two outs in the top of the ninth.

Damon fought off wild-card closer Brad Lidge and finally hitting a single into left after nine pitches.

The once strong Lidge and company shifted over for Mark Teixeira lefty bat with no respect for Damon. Damon stole second, saw no one at third and took advantage of the Phillies mistake.

Smart baseball at its best as Damon still on top of his game in the ninth is what a champion is made off.

Lidge apparently shaken went onto hit Teixeira, give up an RBI double to Arod and finish a two-run single from Posada.

Lidge caught the virus from Hamels this season as he blew 11 saves, highest in the majors. Lidge seemed back to himself again at the beginning of the playoffs but in fact he should have been covering third-base.

The Yankees won 7-4 because in the World Series careless mistakes cannot be made. The Phillies regard to staying mentally in sync is hurting. Team leaders Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins struggling, a wild-card closer and a starter who just wants the season to be over.

Champions need to win and will do what it takes to get there. That is clearly what the Yankees came to do in the World Series thus far, and it shows.

In game five the Yankees have the burden of Cliff Lee who is an genius of a pitcher. Burnett will take the mound for the Yanks on three days rest and cannot have a rough inning, nor 15 crazy pitches in a row. AJ was impressive in game two but now facing Lee he has no other option.

Yankees can win the whole thing on Monday night, and if things continue on, there will not be a game six in New York. That I can guarantee you.

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