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Do The Yankees Still Want To Winn?

The Yankees latest bargain pick-up is San Francisco Giants OF Randy Winn.

Pending only a physical, 35-year-old Winn will be a Yankee for one-season, earning $2 million dollars.

Winn’s 2009 season was one of his worst, hitting only two home-runs, 51 RBI, with 93 strike-outs and a .263 batting average in his 538 at bats for the Giants.

Acquiring Winn does nothing for the Yankees in terms of adding talent, other that he can play in all three OF slots. Cashman and Girardi can use Winn to tease Swisher and Garner in fighting for their spots on the field.

My question is why not just keep Melky? Why not support Matsui?

Resigning Pettitte took the pressure off, leaving the conclusion to be pointing towards change. Otherwise, why all these useless moves if not to save a buck?

Melky is younger, with a dynamic personality and he signed one-year for $3.1 million with the Braves.

Melky hit three walk-offs last season in May alone, and Pepsi named him Clutch Player of the Month for his performance. The Melk-man also hit for a cycle, a tremendous accomplishment for any hitter. What really stuck-out last season was  a natural faith in critical situations, which is rare. That confidence is pure character and Melky has it. With his powerful arm in the OF his appeal is just going to raise.

Melky’s 2009 season is worthy of a hefty pay raise from $1.4 million to around $6-7 million. Bad-timing, as it coincided with Damon’s interest and the $14 million proposal that he regrettably and surprisingly did not see.

Cashman is crossing his fingers that round two for Javier Vazquez in pinstripes deems him wisdom, not desperate.

Regarding Matsui, he is too imposing a person to wait around for the Yankees. The World Series MVP deserves better, and the Angels acted on it. Matsui’s performance last season would make him more expensive for New York as it should.

Look at the stats of Matsui vs. Johnson:

2009 Year-To-Date Comparison
Nick Johnson NYY 133 457 71 133 24 2 8 62 2 4 99 84 0.291 0.426 0.405
Hideki Matsui LAA 142 456 62 125 21 1 28 90 0 1 64 75 0.274 0.367 0.509

This departure is a huge mistake, but with the home opener against the Angels, fans can bid Godzilla a proper farewell.

Damon and Boras’s antics make it easy to wave goodbye something Boras is making a habit off. Granderson will thrive in the Bronx, so Damon role has already been filled.

Melky and Matsui leave with dignity, our utmost respect and wish them both great success in the future.

The Yankee are not used to prudent cost-cutting, and neither or the fans. In today’s world it seems genuine and inevitable.

The emotions will slowly follow, as Yankees fans get accustomed to saying goodbye to beloved players for a different reason.