Detroit Tigers Pitcher To New York Yankees “It’s (ALDS) over!” Detroit Tigers Pitcher To New York Yankees “It’s (ALDS) over!” Detroit Tigers Pitcher To New York Yankees “It’s (ALDS) over!”

Detroit Tigers Pitcher To New York Yankees “It’s (ALDS) over!”

José Valverde

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Following a must win ALDS Game Two victory vs. the New York Yankees, reporters were in the visitors locker-room surrounding the Detroit Tigers players asking about the 5-3 win in the Bronx.

The Tigers closer, Jose Valverde who is known for his idiotic actions following a save, as well as his perfect 49 saves in 49 opportunities in the 2011 regular season also has a big mouth.

As reported via Tim Brown on Yahoo Sports, Valverde started off by stating, “It’s over.”

When asked what he was talking about, Valverde responded:

“This,” he said. “Two more games. When are the games? Monday and Tuesday? Tuesday we celebrate and that’s it.”

Valverde went on to say he was kidding, but that kind of statement has to have some truth behind it.

Especially after Ian Begley of ESPN New York reported that Valverde gave the same guarantee that this ALDS is the Tigers already to the Spanish-speaking media

“I think the series will finish in our house,” Valverde told ESPN Deportes’ Enrique Rojas and other outlets. “They have a good team, but the series is not (coming) back to New York.”

This coming from a pitcher who was about a hit away from blowing the Tigers chances of winning Game 2. 

Valverde entered the game in the ninth inning, with the scoreboard reading 5-1. He gave up a home-run to Nick Swisher, a triple to Jorge Posada, followed by a walk to Russell Martin and topped off by an Andrew Jones sac-fly, which scored Posada. The score was 5-3. Valverde did strike out the Captain and got Cano to ground out to second as the rain was pouring down in buckets, but it was far from the closer I expected to see.

If anything, the Yankees bats proved that Valverde is hittable and the game was not a blow out like Game 1 was the day before.

There is nothing wrong with being confident, but being arrogant and stupid is a totally different story.

We already know that Valverde likes attention from his celebration dance, but to make claims that the ALDS is over for the Yankees is plain out disrespectful.

Valverde had better watch his mouth because he is writing checks with no money in his bank account yet.

The funniest part from my understanding is not one reporter asked Valverde a question, at least that demanded or baited him to make those type of statements.

Maybe Valverde can go work for the Super Bowl Winning Jets, as I have a feeling him and Rex Ryan might get along like old-time pals.


  1. santa says:

    U Mad?

  2. Mike W. says:

    Detroit is back in Style. With the <a href="; rel="nofollow">Lions

    at 4 – 0, the <a href="; rel="nofollow">Tigers

    now have a chance of going to the World Series. Detroit has been through enough hard times lately. It is nice to see something good like this happen to the city. Go Detroit!!

    <a href="; rel="nofollow">Mike W

    • Kate says:

      Is that all it takes to get Detroit "back in style"???

      Mike W. you haven't even won anything yet…..but I give you that sports in the Motor City have not been great for some time. Congrats on beating the Cowboys last night…..

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