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Dear Joe, The Time Has Come….

Dear Mr. Girardi,

I am going to get right to the point and give you some suggestions. Please do not take this as an insult and I know most of the suggestions you have already thought of already.

To be blunt watching the last two losses against Boston were beyond frustrating to watch. Very close games, as expected. Wang starting was a risk that didn’t pan out and I know the past is the past but I was confused as to why not start him at home? I know Wang is a 19 game winner for two season’s in a row but he is not the same player. Considering his mental game was a mess now and last season his weakest starts were on the road and not on Astroturf that it just made no sense to put the pressure on that thick. Whether it was Island or Cashman it is your job to put your 19 game ace in the best place to win for the team and that is not what the organization did. Look it’s done but for Wang it could be a means to an end, which is sad and kinda of unfair considering Hughes would have been better.

Tonight’s game should have been a win for CC and if I were him I would be so pissed off. In this circumstance I am confused about why Mariano could not have been brought in the eighth inning? Or at the very least after the first two outs cause he can definitely handle four outs. Mo hadn’t pitched in three days so it makes no sense to me. And if you try to prove it with the Subway Series coming up this weekend is crap because losing now eight games to Red Sox is going to sting. I just hope that it is not as disruptive on the players as it has been on me as a fan. Furthermore we are going into a hometown series, where the Yankees typically do not fair well in.

After venting my woes to you sir, I hope without going on too much of a tangent. I am not going to get into the many other issues of the debauchery that just happened in Boston because it is in the past or at least in theory.

Mr. Girardi, I think the time has come for Joba to go in the bullpen. I can only imagine how much you have gone over this with whomever else is in the meetings with you but it has come to give it a try.

What to do with Wang is a problem but figure it out asap and I know he does deserve one more shot cause their was slight progress with his sinker but not enough to risk it for an entire team. Wang is not a reliever is what the Yankees keep saying well he was sure lethal coming out against Tampa.
Hughes is being wasted in the bullpen and needs to go back into the rotation. He has the characteristics of a mix of Peteite and Mussina. He is not lights out like a Halloday or a CC (not many are) but Hughes can get the job done. He works himself out of tough situations and is getting better. I believe he will be one of the best when all finished with his career because the focus on Joba makes Hughes have to prove himself more but trust me he will be the better for it down the road.
If Bruney is your answer, well that is a heavy risk as he is on the DL more than the mound. Hitters are not as scared of Bruney, at least not frightened enough.
Remember in 2007 how players were terrified of Joba coming in the seventh to inevitably hand it to Mo! I do not care when you say that Joba wants to be a starter because I want to be Gisele but not my choice. Either tell Joba to shut it and do what he is told but I think Joba would be happy to give in any way for the team. I don’t know, we don’t talk so this is your job! I firmly believe Joba will be an unbelievable closer after Mariano retires and that is a high honor to be considered talented enough for. Also, Joba can capitalize on Mariano’s experience for the next two years and learn from him….…And that is a dream come true!
I am not saying that Joba is going to be cemented into the role of future closer because that’s life out it is about damn time we give it a try. And I believe that Wang’s mental game has been kicked back down, I can’t imagine how it couldn’t have if your human. Even if Wang does well at the Stadium against the Nationals mind you, I think everyone will be holding their breath. Reality comes into play that he is so conflicted that it is ineffective many times thus far and I agree in being honest like you have. This Wednesday start is it, he knows, I know it, team knows it, my mother even knows it. I hope he defies even himself but if the stadium boos’ start which is just what happens, Wang is going to struggle. Joba can also be put in for 4 innings if absolutely needed from the bullpen. Thus, when Andy and Company throw 6 solid innings Joba gives them a well deserved rest because confidence is sweating off that boy more in this role than I have seen as a starter. Joba loves the fist pump, “take me to Yes” expression on his face. His competitive edge combined with his lights out is not what any other team wants to see again! Joba thrived here before so why wouldn’t you take a risk on that happening again?
Hughes starts and Joba is the set-up man!!! It has to be at least tried or anyone in sports can just have an excuse to why you shouldn’t continue to be our skipper. Why? That is evidence of you not knowing how use your pitchers.
Mr. Girardi, I think you deserve to win a World Series this year and I know you are a good man. Joe, you are a Yankee in all aspects, it is in your blood, your heart and I believe you are doing what you see fit. I hate to see all your hard work be discredited, which it will, if you do not give this option a shot. Good thing we are only two games behind the first place Red Sox which keeps this team very much in the race for the division.
Good luck this weekend and hopefully the Empire State building will be dressed in blue and grey on Sunday night….… ( :
All the best,