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Dear Diary, My Mets……

David Wright’s Diary Entry 10-26-09

Dear Diary,

It’s official my biggest nightmare has come true.

On Sunday night around 11:30pm the Yankees beat the Angels in the ALCS filling the once empty bracket to play for the championship.

Once again the Yankees are the best, New York’s favorite team, the best Captain in sports….blah, blah, blah.

The Yankees are going to the World Series for the one trillionth time. Winning their last WS in 2000 beating, guess who the Mets.
Drives me crazy that people are relieved because it has been a whole 5 years since the last time the team made the finals.

Mariano Rivera is getting better and how this is possible at 40 years old is mind-boggling.

Then there is my idol Derek Jeter, whose name alone is enough said.

Who is their opponent?

The Phillies, again. So no matter which team wins the Mets are going to feel feel more heat, again.

It’s just not fair that the Mets cannot catch a break. Our poor fans, if there are any still around.

Arod is loved more than the Mets as a team.

Instead of sulking, I am turning my frown upside down.

How, why, what?

I finally think the Mets have hit rock bottom. How much worse could it get?

  • The few fans the Mets have left are depressed or have switched their loyalties. I knew it was true when I caught my own mother secretly routing for the Yankees in the ALCS. Can’t really blame her as I am the Captain and not a Mets fan.
  • Predictions were positive by experts at the start of 2009 but once again ruined. It is the only thing that the Mets are the best at, collapsing.
  • Jose, the Mets short-stop who insults what Jeter does on a daily basis, is now blaming the Dodgers for misdiagnosing his injury that is more mental in my mind.
  • K-rod and Santana have lost their swagger since joining the Mets.
  • The Wilpons are Madoff victims, shocking. Money is not as unlimited and no one has the full details just yet.
  • Personally getting hit in the head turned my headache into a permanent throb.
  • Jerry Manuela needs to stop praying and understand that it’s time for the iron fist which he just doesn’t have in him. Bring in Valentine or someone who demands respect and doesn’t like to lose.
  • Omar Minaya‘s former mentor, Steve Phillips is just another embarrassment connected with the Mets.

Those are just some of the Mets issues.

What seemed to be over, the worst was still yet to come. The reality of having the World Series be between the Yankees vs. the Phillies actually put a smile on my face, which might be odd but it is almost exactly the motivation the Mets can use for next season.

I think the team should maybe watch a few of the games together and let it sink in.

If this does not make the difference and bring this team together…..I give up.

Bottomed out but not giving up,

David Wright
Proud Captain of the New York Mets


  1. Thanks Miesha – I truly appreciate the comment. Please let me know if you want me to post on any sports related topics you love!!


  2. Bennett Callow says:

    Who do you think is going to win this years superbowl? And what do you think the spread will be?