Another day another thing to blame on Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes Another day another thing to blame on Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes Another day another thing to blame on Alex Rodriguez - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Another day another thing to blame on Alex Rodriguez

Poor Alex Rodriguez, as this guy cannot get a break.

Alex Rodriguez in the field for a game on May ...

Alex Rodriguez in the field for a game on May 28, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As even though the New York Yankees season ended so embarrassingly almost two weeks ago, A-rod is still getting blamed but now for other teams poor play.

The latest and most ridiculous accusation is that because of A-rod’s stale bat in the ALCS, the Tigers were able to sweep the Yankees, who were clearly a better team than the one that showed up.

The Yankees quick and painful exit of the postseason meant that Detroit had to wait for days until the NLDS finished between the Cardinals and Giants.

That series took all 7-games to win, and now the Tigers are down 0-2 to the Giants in the World Series; and they also seemed to have picked up where the stumbling Yankees left off, which is out-matched.

So, whom should the Tigers be pointing the finger at?

Well, to start….

  • There is ace Justin Verlander, who got rocked by the Giants in WS Game 1. The shock of the reigning CY Young winner’s performance was not surprising as in his prior start vs. Yankees was not great, but since the Yankees were even worse it masked the unmistakable issue that the reigning AL MVP was pitching like crap. Verlander’s velocity and lack of command in Game 4 of the ALCS should not have been ignored. But the game stats should have because the Yankee bats couldn’t hit a tennis ball, so even if my mother were pitching she would have been deemed an ace.
  • It was the top of the second, no outs, and Prince Fielder on first in WS Game 2 when Delmon Young hit a double. And Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont decided to wave Fielder on home. Admittedly, Lamont’s call was aggressive, as he probably should have held Fielder on third but with the Tigers stale bats I don’t blame him. Then the Tigers lost 2-0, and the fact that Giants catcher Buster Posey tagged out Fielder in that play leaves a window open of what, could a, should a, or would a happened if Lamont had been conservative. But it is not like the Tigers scored a run in the game anyway, so what gives?
  • Could the Tigers losing be a team effort? Game 1, bats scored 3-runs with Verlander on the bump and that usually is a winning combo. Then Game 2, Doug Fister pitched a gem, took a line drive to the head but got zero run support. Fact is you can’t win without scoring runs, something us Yankee fans are pretty familiar with. The Giants are offensively anemic in comparison but the Tigers have to find a secure midpoint where the pitching and hitting meet because obviously one cannot carry the other.

If you ask me the Tigers are slowly choking, but unlike the Yankees the press and fans are chalking it up to Detroit being rusty from too many days off.

Just Google, Detroit Tigers are rusty” and the number of articles about this is astonishing. What is even more unbelievable is that half of these stories were written prior to the World Series, as if to prepare every one for when this happened.

A few writers’ stooped really low by referring to A-rod’s lack of everything in the ALCS as the reason the Tigers are rusty even thought the Yankees as a team posed no challenge.

But in all fairness, the A-rod claims were written in a semi-joking fashion but hasn’t this guy been through enough already?

I mean the Yankees season ended on October 18th, but blaming A-rod still seems to be reaching all new heights and personally, I have had enough.

This man has got the short end of the stick for years, and people have to stop bullying Alex Rodriguez.

Any man should be able to eat popcorn out of his girlfriend’s hand at the Super Bowl without it hogging national headlines for days.

And what messages are respectable magazines (like ESPN and Sports Illustrated) sending to kids by conducting annual polls for “most hated or overrated player” that is voted on by other players?

Bullying is cruel; and it has become a huge problem in schools across this country. And I am starting to see why.

Kids read everything these days since the World Wide Web, and the example that is being set here is just appalling.

The bottom line is…. the Yankees lost, and it was ugly; the players know it; the fans let them know it but it is over now so don’t you think it is time to move on?



  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Ugh, you and your A-Rod fascination. Rodriguez has brought most of his problems on himself. With his nauseating narcissism, his classless comments about Jeter, his preening, all coupled with his general lack of production in the clutch. What do you expect? People hate him. But it's okay, he loves himself more than enough to make up for it.
    Now he pretty much sucks, so it's only gonna get worse. Best case scenario, they trade him and his unmanly vanity to Miami and move Jeter to 3B. Best thing for him and the team.

  2. george says:

    Hard to add to what TT has said.

    He is the clean-up hitter for the NY Yankees. Production matters. Cano/Grandy/Swish all sucked but A-rod started in early Sept. Back in my day you could count on Mantle/Winfield/Donny baesball to carry this team. Not A-rod anymore. If I hear Kate mention 2009 again I will puke.