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David Wright: Dear Diary

I found a page from the Diary of the Mets Captain David Wright today and I thought I should share it. Wright is such a template for baseball as he works hard, loves the game, isn’t in the media spotlight that NY athletes can get so easily caught up it and Wright wants to win.

Unfortunately for Wright, his biggest problem or enemy is the team he plays for, the New York Mets.

Dear Diary,

Hey diary, I just wanted to write you because I am to depressed to talk about baseball anymore. Also I need your advice as what to do but I know you can’t really help, even if you could talk.

I think I told you that my Mets teammates elected me captain about two years ago. Nobody seems to know because the only captain in NYC seems to be Derek Jeter anyway.

Just to start I feel like everyone in New York has given up on the Mets. It’s Yankees this, Yankees that, Jeter is the best Captain ever, Yankees rule the city and that is just the beginning of the love for the Yankees. I hate it because I try just as hard as any Yankee but I just don’t know how I got stuck on the Mets.

Even worst the face of the Mets. I think the depression from 2007 is creeping back, again and the whole thing is a mess. Here are the main things that are not getting better:

  1. We suck, again. How is this possible when we have been picked by experts for years as the team to beat? Even said “the Mets are the new New York team to beat!”. That means better than the Yankees. I get my hopes up and it never happens.
  2. All my teammates have major attitude problems and no one listens to anything I say. If I were Derek Jeter I bet they would listen to me. Why does no one respect me at all? Especially Jose, he used to be my best friend and he is always hurt. I think he like playing MLB on his PlayStation more then with me. And he is so lazy and then blames everyone else when he misses a ball or jogs instead of runs around the bases.

    Wright & Reyes.

  3. I am the only guy who listens to our skipper, Jerry Manuel. Jerry is so sweet and nice because he never yells at anyone. He says that I should pray but that is not working either. Sometimes he just lets Billy Wagner and Johan Santana speak to the press to tell them we suck. Even worse is when he let’s Johan mange the game from the pitching mound; I never get to manage.
  4. No one wants to play anymore but I do still. I am not as good as I thought. Neither is Johan but no one tells him that or what to do because he knows the most, after Billy who says he is wasting his arm on our team.
  5. The Mets are not as rich as the Yankees, along with not ever being better or having more than the Yankees regarding everything. Omar didn’t even get anyone at the trade deadline to help me. Pedro pitched tonight because he is a Philly now if I didn’t tell you. Lucky for him; the Phillies are good and Pedro was all smile after he was taken out of the game. He is so excited to be on a winning, championship team. The closet I have come to be a champion is playing for the same city as the Yankees.

I have so many more issues with being on the Mets. Remember when I first joined the team? I was crying because the Mets were in New York and I would be able to meet Derek. I miss Willie Randolph but he won’t talk to me because of Omar. It stresses me out that at any moment, even at like 2am, wherever the team is I might lose my job too, like Willie. I think the organization would treat their own with the utmost respect but no one cares in the Mets franchise in general.

Guess it’s better we just stink the whole season instead of losing 14 of our last 17 games like two years ago. That is nicer for our fans at least.

Not much else is going on and I am going to bed now. I just hope I have that dream again that my Mets uniform number is 2 and where I look like Derek. I love it cause I have all four of my World Series rings on and Jose and I are bff’s again. Every Met player is happy and the experts were finally right, the Mets are the best and the face of New York City.

Haven’t slept that well in months but maybe, just maybe things will change for the better soon.

Thanks for listening but secretly I want to be a Philly or a Yankee down the road and that is the only way I get through the day anymore.

Sad Once again,

David Wright