Dare I Even Blog To This....... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Dare I Even Blog To This....... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Dare I Even Blog To This....... - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Dare I Even Blog To This…….

Wow did the Yankees ever waste my time tonight and I thought I was watching a different team. Pretty scary when you think about Yankees line-up of yesterday compared to what I witnessed tonight. As of the past 6-7 weeks the Yanks have been absolutely destroying teams in their way and good teams to back this fact. Tonight, the destroying got destroyed!!!

I do no think anyone who is not from Boston really needs me to recap the game, anymore then I just did in the paragraph above. Here are three things I experienced during this game:

  • Big Papi still got it and I was clapping for him. I will respect and cheer for any athlete like David Ortiz. He is rarified air in sports these days. How you might ask? Ortiz, Jeter, Federer, Mickelson, Eli, Mariano to name a few on this short list all possess the same quality that makes these athletes adored by everyone who gets the honor of watching them. You cannot ‘how’ yourself into having this characteristic, it comes from the individual way each of these athletes define themselves. Each man on this list know that what they do in sports is a privilege which each one of them respect and understand that they are role models to the future. With this respect they use it as an opportunity to be leaders both when playing and when not. When I watch Mariano Rivera blow a save he loses with more grace then when he wins. And each of these distinguished men and the few more I haven’t name are blessed with a gift. So that is why I was so happy for Big Papi tonight. WELL, DONE PAPI!


  • Now what the hell happened? AJ was off definitely but we looked like the team that would fall apart last few seasons. If our pitcher was having a hard time and gave up some runs it was like the entire team just gave up. Look, I am beyond excited and confident with my beloved Yankees by the way this season is going. I am tying to squash my ever creeping fears that this is no more then a bad night all around. And that my friend is baseball. Ups and downs, slumps and steaks, hot or cold. I was embarrassed for the team and as a fan but Josh Beckett looked like the nightmare pitcher he is and he deserves all the credit for tonight.



  • Is it possible that Boston is really just his good? NO, NO, NO!! I am not just being an angry Yankees fan (just 25%) but this Yankee team can play and beat the best of any team in baseball. It was not just luck since end of April but pure, obvious talent and doing it together. I am confident that that kind of team spirit shown in 09′ is not a fade that just comes and goes. But please it hurts!! 6-0 against Boston this year is not good. Credits to the Red Sox on having dominant middle relief and Dustin Pedoria is excellent along with Ellisbury, Drew and my least favorite, actually second least favorite player in all of the majors Kevin Youkilis. And of course our own home grown Yankee Mike Lowell. When I read those names over I see the talent but our is equal if not better. I said it many times in past posts that the Yankees need to square away this middle relief pitching to be scary to deal. The middle innings will be complete abomination because the better hitting teams, like Boston, Detroit, Mets, Phillies, Texas and looks like the Rays will eat us up with small ball and home-runs.


The other factor that I hate is when our lineup can’t do a thing. I know it is impossible for any team to be perfect and that guys will have their ruff at bats which can spread like a virus up and down a lineup. Did tonight of all games have to be like this humiliating? I do not think Josh Beckett was going to have it any other way; as he was completely lights out, see ya, striking out throwing the ball tonight.

Ok, I have bitched enough and need to put the past in the past. Just play like the Yankees and win the next two games because you can and do not want to leave our rivals house second after arriving as the leader. Stick it to our hated neighbors and us fans will rub it in their faces cause the best way to leave is the way we came in….…FIRST PLACE but also to send a message. Watch out as the Yankees came to play this time and I think in Boston it is time for a reminder of that again.