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Dallas Braden: Rodriguez Was Always On My Mound

The Oakland Athletics owe Alex Rodriguez a thank you.

Fact is no one cared about the A’s in the last decade.

The team’s only airtime had featured Jose Canseco, who cemented the organization as the juicing confederation of baseball. Canseco disgraced America’s past time, in an Oakland uniform. Oh and let’s not forget Jason Giambi has been an Oakland A twice.

That all changed the moment that Arod decided to run across the A’s pitching mound, and now the A’s are headlining Sportscenter.

At first, the observation was solely because of the crazy reaction by the A’s starting pitcher, who was flirting with the fine line of sanity.

Everyone is wondering why this pitcher did not deal with Arod right after the fact, something the pitcher claims would be Arod’s fate if it happened again.  His anger continued on the way after the Yankees had left California.

Now that same pitcher, who is named Dallas Braden, threw a perfect game today.

Certainly, this feat gives Braden some recognition aside from just the dumb ass that is riding Arod’s caravan for attention. Doubtful it changed Arod’s opinion of the sub-par pitcher.

No doubt, it is a tremendous accomplishment for Braden, as it has only happened 18 times before in MLB history. This gives Braden a guaranteed spot in the Hall of Fame a place Arod hopes to be as well.

Brandon was up against the tough Tampa Bay Rays cast, who currently has the best record in baseball.

Still, the question remains could Braden have been complete without the reason Arod provided?

My answer is unclear, because Braden is not even close to the level of the Freak or Halladay. In his four years, in the majors, Braden has 17 wins, 23 losses and a 4.62 ERA.

That’s a whole lotta of nothing.

Let me go real here for a second, Braden was bordering mental institution antics after the incident.

If Dallas Braden wins two Cy Young awards, a World Series ring and throws a perfect game in the post-season, than maybe he could sit at the three-time MVP’s table.

The Oakland A’s clearly needed their own self, because they lack a Manny, Papelbaum or Ozzie personality.

I guess Braden is the next best thing. Once again, it came via Arod.


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