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Can Joba Rule Without Having Any?

Days before the Superbowl, always a slow time for the baseball world, as players enjoy their last days before Spring Training.

With an opening in the fifth starter role, debates about this decision are in full swing.

Surprisingly, one Yankee will arrive in Tampa in just a week. His goal is to bind all the work he put in since winning the World Series, determined to prove himself once and for all.

Joba Chamberlain traded in DWI and strip bar brawls, for a daily exercise regimen in preparation for the battle. Joba name has not been a headline since World Series; his virtual silence giving goose bumps to Yankee Universe theory of the choice of what could happen.

The only certainty is Joba went to New Jersey to throw and talk baseball with teammate CC Sabathia.

Joba knows that Phil Hughes worked out all previous off-season, and it showed. Hughes switch to the bullpen was a pivotal role in changing the 2009 season’s attitude to winning.

Hughes confidence and grace had matured; along with his body noticeably fuller. Hughes has a usual demeanor seemingly more right to work seven plus innings.

My mind has never wavered from Joba to Mo and Hughes as a starter, until now.

Listening and reading Joba’s campaign is opening me up to see what he is capable of doing. Joba loves trouble, as clear since the infamous ‘Bug Game‘ against the Indians in Game 2 of the 2007 playoffs.

What a relief not to have to hear about the ‘Joba Rules’ that no one was perfectly clear on, including Joba which obviously affected him. No rules, no innings or frequency counts, no-fault excuses anymore for Chamberlain opening the door for a decision to be made.

The truth is both these young guys could be starters, but reality has to be faced. Mariano Rivera is almost 41 and the Yankees coming closer needs to have a period setting up for Mo. The two top candidates are these two players. It is only reasonable not jeopardizing the futures of two promising players.

Thoughts of a Yankee team without Mariano makes Yankees Universe shake too much that avoidance or denial makes sense. Mo’s time left remains unknown, but it is not much.

Playing musical chairs with Joba and Hughes for another term would be wasting it, instead of embracing it.

“The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.” – Warren Buffet

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