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Can I Say 9 and Still Going…..

English: Joba Chamberlain after the game of th...

English: Joba Chamberlain after the game of the 2009 American League Championship Series Game 6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Went to the game tonight……and the team looks unstoppable!!


Joba got hit by a ball and left the game in the first inning so lets hope this is not a DL situation. With Wang coming up momentarily and Hughes looking good it is not terrible if he needs to fix something.


Here is the option I hope has a chance…..Hughes should stay up in the majors; if and only if Wang is dominate when he arrives and then Joba, after we hear his situation from tonight, be put in as setup for Mo. The reason I think we needed a dominant middle relief, lights out guy because the season is long and…..
1 – Tampa will get better and it is pretty inevitable it will be a threatening force at that. Reason why….young, hungry and now they have gained the respect. And I mean in the most crucial areas needed by earning it from last seasons performance, by not being afraid of the big bad Red Sox and I think the Yankees name is enough said and they have fans who seem more steadfast to stand behind them no matter what! Oh and I guess Longoia, Crawford, Upton, Shields, Kazmir, Nelson, Sonnanstine, Aybar, Navarro, Bartlett, Pena, Navaro, Garzza….I think you get the point they are household names already. So I will rephrase…..dangerously better!!


2- The Red Sox with Jason Bay are the toughest by far and with then just sweeping the Blue Jays with the win tonight means game on for when we play those mass-holes for fans Red Sox!!


3 – Toronto’s has won a lot games and that’s what the plan for their chances is to crush the outsiders cause they have a great team waiting to show it off with minimal injuries thus far, the players look physically so much bigger then their opponents and the Blue Jay fans need to keep up consistent attendance, along with loyalty to give the team some motivation to make your city proud.


4 – Watch for Baltimore with Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Aubrey HuffMelvin Mora and add their prospects who will be greeting us soon. Baltimore has worked the draft to build up from the roots on up for the last few years…so their farm system is deep. It includes a star, switch hitting catcher who will almost definitely come up any day now, some strong, young pitchers which include a 21 years old, 6’5 right hander who is lights out and throws strikes, another 6’4 hurler in Jake Arrieta and add Brian Matusz, who is a mini me of a young Andy Petite to the mound and that is just the beginning. The 3 pitchers will, along with the load of other youngsters have to be treated with kid gloves and it is crucial not to push to fast in bringing them up to the majors. As every Yankee’s fan knows, rushing youngsters especially to teams who need improvement is a lot of pressure…..Andy MacPhail, president of baseball operations for the O’s has some serious timing to think about. So 2009 might not see all these guys at all, most likely some but definitely be lethal in 2010.


Mainly ,it is the AL East! By far it has four of the best teams in baseball Yanks, Boston, Tampa and Toronto with a very viable possible fifth that might just pounce.


The Yankees look like a team again! I can see it in cause they are actually, finally having FUN!! Arod and Jeter (pic above is from game tonight against O’s) are laughing and making fun of each other like old pals!! I was sitting on the third base line and it wasn’t bullshit; Arod all around has been finally passed of this team and that is a crucial element that I as a fan didn’t fully know if that could happen; even over 10 years! Swisher brings spirit to a lifeless team. Melky and Garner bring the fight to win not only center field but to make the older players miss the challenge and have the alums ever produced!!! Jeter, Damon, Matsui…..all legends and continue to produce in critical, game winning moments.

Cano is moving in the direction of what was predicted and fast….he is and will continue to be just naturally use his gifts to beyond belief. Welcome the new tandem to replace Big Poppie and Manny called Tex and Arod…..maybe just needed a fresh start together but oh boy pitchers all around will pitch better because of these two blasting them all around ballparks across the nation. Pitching all that needs to be said is CC, AJ, Andy, Mo, Joba, Hughes and lets hope Wang is back to his old self because I feel his mental game got the best of him and that is the biggest necessity, especially in the pitcher position. Example to follow….Mariano Rivera is literally the game decider so much so that I am mentally and emotionally with him . He realizes he is human but the media is trying to get him now and it is not working. The man is almost 40 and he is still great! I will be able to say I have seen Mariano Rivera many times over at the Stadium and yes it was an honor to be in the presence of a legend. My fingers will be crossed for Wang as I think he just forgot how
solid he really is……


Realistically but still absurd to think about is the fact that definitely one but most likely two of these five teams will be the only ones in the post season!! And with the possibility that is could be just one of five. Tampa, NY or Boston will not be in October baseball. Hard to accept or want too.


Unfortunately when confidence turns to cocky in any team but critically in this division, it will be the decider. One or two teams to advance in the effort to be king the entire team will have to not let this deadly, big shot, it’s all about mine attitude get near enough for infection. I have seen this in all sports, many times whether it be as a team or an individual…..


Once you think you have won already or act crowned in ones thoughts as well as in ones actions which creates false presumptions that everyone just knows your a king before it’s a fact or before you have finished….you will fall!!


Never have I seen a player or a team who performs with the highest form of dignity, playing from the heart, showing effortless actions with the fight of a lion along with the respect towards their challenger ever lose the crown. I will believe in the example of the NY Giants, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Yanks of the 90’s.


I can honestly say that even if the Yanks are the team to be left in September (which FYI…is not the plan by any means) it is just purely nice to see you guys actually behave as a team and not cause you wear the same pinstripes by career but that you wear them because you want to be in the same pinstripes as your friends. I know I am a girl and that is kinda gay as this is sports and Arod would be start crying, skip over towards second but only to stop and hug Jeter who then would officially kick around in the nuts and back to “No More Slumber Parties for Arod at Jeter’sPlace!” Arod did grab his privates countless times during this game….I snapped a NY Post worthy shot (see below):


So here is a more guy like way to put it(which means short, to the point and easy cause you all are st*%&$)…..As a fan it is cool to see you all having some fun and winning. And I bet you are still getting laid but with a little more quality added to the quantity….that is awesome; keep it coming!!


And just to add…..Yankees keep your head out of your assholes so we can not miss the post season and show all of baseball that last year was an accident!!