Bronx Bombers Not Scared Of Anyone Especially Not Rangers Bronx Bombers Not Scared Of Anyone Especially Not Rangers Bronx Bombers Not Scared Of Anyone Especially Not Rangers

Bronx Bombers Not Scared Of Anyone Especially Not Rangers

The New York Yankees are now a game ahead in front of the Boston Red Sox thanks to the Texas Rangers, who shut them down 4-0 yesterday, as the Bombers were enjoying their last off day.

The next seven days for the Yankees start off in the Bronx with three against the Oakland A’s, before heading to Camden Yard to play the perpetually awful Orioles five times.

This is the last part of the schedule that the Yankees could really put some space between them and the Red Sox in the AL East.

The Yankees need to take advantage of this open door as winning the division historically works in their favor.

Since 1996, the Yankees have a handful of World Series rings, but not one of the five championships was earned when entering the postseason as the Wild Card team.

Just to even the score some, the Yankee have also lost six times in the playoffs coming in as the AL East Division winner.

So the underlining fact is losing can come in all forms, but winning seems to follow a trend and that makes winning the AL East in 2011 almost a necessity on their road to #28.

Also, the Wild Card more than likely will head to Arlington, Texas to face the Rangers and MLB Network claims that is not the place either team wants to be.

In my opinion, over the last two seasons the Rangers have been way over-hyped. If the Los Angeles Angels had 1B Kendry Morales back this season, the Rangers would not be leading the AL West.

The Angels have not been as dominate the last two seasons, but they always remained within striking distance of the Rangers. Sans the Angels, the Rangers should win their respective division considering the other two teams consist of the A’s and Mariners.

So, please shake the idea that Yankee fans want to win the AL East to avoid Ron Washington and his Rangers, because nothing could be further from the truth.

This season the Yankees are 7-2 vs. the “unbeatable” Rangers, so just because the Red Sox got stumped in Texas is not reason to throw the Yankees on the same train. Considering the 4-train to the Bronx already ran the Rangers over in 2011.

Over the last decade, the Rangers have only made the post-season once, which was last season and it came courtesy of the Angels via their disabled list (DL).

Everybody knows that the Yankees want to win the division, because the Yankees always want to win everything. So, if wearing the AL East crown gives the Bombers momentum heading into October, so be it.