Brian Cashman's Mid-Report Card: Part One - Lady Loves Pinstripes Brian Cashman's Mid-Report Card: Part One - Lady Loves Pinstripes Brian Cashman's Mid-Report Card: Part One - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Brian Cashman’s Mid-Report Card: Part One

With the start to the MLB Winter Meetings, lonely fans can finally wake-up with baseball on their mind.

Hopes and dreams of next season start to unfold as trades, pick-ups and drop-offs give plenty to talk about again.

Rumors will fly around talks of possibilities become reality or not. The Yankees are hogging the spotlight and as a fan I couldn’t be prouder, nor would expect anything less.

#28 is the future and Brian Cashman moves are critical in order for it to be achieved, again.

Here is the first three grades for Cashman thus far, he almost made straight A’s…
(please note that I am not scared of giving F’s out. It just hasn’t been necessary thus far)

Andy Begins With An A…..

Yankee Universe can breathe a sigh of relief with the official news that Andy Pettitte will return in 2010.

The Southpaw signed a one-year deal for $11.75 million dollars to play for another season in pinstripes.This is a well-deserved raise from last season’s $5.5 million dollar guaranteed, with $5 million in incentives attached.

Its safe to say that Pettitte fulfilled these expectations to absolute perfection and wound up pocketing all $10.5 million.

It was certainly fitting, as Andy was an ace throughout the season. Pettitte’s season included winning 14-8 in 32 regular-season starts, with a 4.16 ERA, and going 4-0 with a 3.52 ERA helping the Yankees win the team’s 27th World Series. Pettitte also holds the Major League record of 18 wins in the post-season.

At 37 years of age any questions about Andy’s ability got answered, for both the fans, and the Yankee franchise.

Was it enough for Andy?

Yes, as the feeling was obviously mutual by Andy signing to play another year in pinstripes.


Curtis Moves From Tiger Stripes To Pinstripes….

In typical Yankees style, GM Brian Cashman started off the Winter Meetings grabbing the spotlight.

Along with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees came out of the three-team deal with outfielder Curtis Granderson.

Everyone knows you gotta give to get, with resulted with Cashman sending Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks; while the Tigers get Phil Coke and Austin Jackson.

Jackson was the Yankees minor-league prize, who everyone was excited to see come to the Bronx. It was hard to swallow losing this guy with the possibility of what he will become.

Pitcher Coke, who joins Jackson in Detroit, was a solid set-up for Rivera all season, so it makes the goodbye not as easy.

As for Kennedy, adios amigo and good luck in Arizona.

Now let’s focus on the Yankee’s new addition, 28 year-old Curtis Granderson.

This was trading for possible rising all-star to immediate gratification, at least this is what Cashman thinking must be.

There are concerns about Granderson’s production the last 3 seasons. The decline in his over batting stats with Granderson’s average dropping 25 points lower each season (.302, .280, .249); SLG % (.552, .494, .453); doubles (38, 26, 23); runs (122, 112, 91); and hits (from 185 to 157).

Curtis is also terrible hitting lefties, leading the AL in total strikeouts.

The positives evidently make-up for the above as Granderson is a speed demon on the bases and Girardi will love having that to play with. As an outfielder he is superb and a definite upgrade in center.

Granderson’s known as a well liked teammate and high character guy. This makes letting Jackson bitter goodbye more understandable.

The Yankees have a very happy home of all-stars. Cashman wants it to stay this way and that means attitude is everything has to be the main motto.


I am not happy about Austin Jackson’s departure; and about Curtis Granderson you are not a true Yankee until you prove yourself to the fans. In Yankee Universe expectations are very high, which is not some secret so same rules apply.

Almost gave it a Grade C but it is growing on me slowly and getting me more excited, literally by the hour.

Could Graderson’s #28 be a sign? Oh lets hope it is…..

Bye, Bye Brian Bruney….

To be honest, I had forgotten Brian Bruney even existed till the announcement that he was going to the Washington Nationals.Admittedly it out a smile on my face.

Bruney ha a good two months in 2007 and the Yankees pounced on him to give him an ego that was totally undeserved.Bruney was injured all the time, inconsistent and unreliable.

He never gave fans a comforting feeling when he ran onto the field in the 7th or 8th innings in tight games. Bruney loved blowing a one or two run lead, allowing multiple runs to score.

What made Bruney just unbearable was his overall attitude. Where he got this ego is beyond most Yankee fans.

It was embarrassing even more than how ugly his verbal argument with New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez, aka. K-rod.Ripping on a future hall of fame closer is just plain class-less. Bruney clear disrespect to the game of baseball was clear and K-rod had every right to be pissed-off.

FYI…someone should let Bruney in on the fact that K-rod can dance ‘the Papelbaum’ for all anyone cares because whatever or however he celebrates seems to work.

Jealousy can be admiration but when it gets petty it is pathetic.

First time I have ever wanted to see one of my Yanks get a good-old whooping and from a Mets player. Bruney is gone…..and that is good.


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