Breaking Bad News: New York Yankees Sign Kevin Millwood Breaking Bad News: New York Yankees Sign Kevin Millwood Breaking Bad News: New York Yankees Sign Kevin Millwood

Breaking Bad News: New York Yankees Sign Kevin Millwood

What the heck is New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman thinking?

Signing Kevin Millwood to any contract is absurd, but according the Sports Illustrated Jon Heyman’s tweet this is happening:

#yankees are close to signing kevin millwood to an incentive-laden minor-league deal

Heyman followed with another tweet that confirms this even more:

millwood would need a few weeks to be ready, so #yankees will begin year with either garcia or colon as no. 5 starter

Does Cashman think that Millwood is going to be better option than Bartolo Colon or Freddie Garcia?

Scott Boras

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I do not think Millwood is the way to go, as I previously wrote New York Yankees Rumor: Please Pass On Kevin Millwood with ample amount of reasons why this would be another pointless signing.

Cashman should be pleased with how things have gone this Spring Training because I certainly was not expecting Colon to pitch so well.

Of course, instead Cashman panics again and makes the Yankees a nursing home for about to be forced into retirement players.

Remember Millwood’s agent is Scott Boras who tends to jam the Yankees with his brainwashing crap or god knows what to get them to constantly pick up his scrappy clients.

Not happy about this one, and I hope to god this is not being done in case Nova struggles a little in April. I would expect Nova to struggle in his first season and learn from the tough situations. Remember, the Yankees need to let these youngsters form in the bigs not jump ship when things get tough.

I do not feel good about this considering the season starts in seven days.


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  1. Baseball Man says:

    It is really hard to read an opinion from someone that doesn't even know the right word to use in a sentence… why should anyone even listen to what you have to say about baseball when you can't even speak English correctly? Your question should read "Does Cashman think that Millwood is going to be a better option THAN Bartolo Colon or Freddie Garcia?" NOT THEN!!!!! An example: If Colon doesn't pitch well THEN Millwood will take his place in the rotation but I think Colon will pitch better THAN Millwood! C'mon people… get an education!!!!

    • Kate says:

      Wow…it was a mistake and I am sorry that you could not understand the entire article because of on typo.

      Mistakes happen sometimes, but I do not appreciate your comment "C’mon people… get an education!!!!"

      I will bet my life that I am better educated than you. Part of being educated is having manners and the way in which you conduct yourself.

      As Clarance Thomas once said, "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."

      Maybe you should think about that the next time and be constructive, not angry and abrasive. It is a very unbecoming trait to have, especially because it is a comment on a blog. I hope you figure out why you are so angry at the world, it must be hard to be so mad at everybody else.

  2. Honny says:

    Kevin Millwood it's very good

    • Kate says:

      Kevin Millwood is not good and he will get knock around Yankee Stadium. Colon and Garcia are much better options.

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