"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Analects Confucius - Lady Loves Pinstripes "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Analects Confucius - Lady Loves Pinstripes "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." - Analects Confucius - Lady Loves Pinstripes

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." – Analects Confucius


A general manager‘s job is at the top of an organizations pyramid. GM’s put the best team he or she deems can win. Enticing players to come aboard takes resources and only a handful of MLB teams have unlimited ones.

Struggling franchises blaming it on lack of funding is quite common. The argument there is understandable to a point. Their has been so many teams to prove the theory false that keeps sports so human.

When teams make decisions debates are inevitable, but that’s different when not understanding it.


To use resources given to produce the best possible team to win.

Is Brain Cashman doing his job?

Technically, he is doing something but what that is in some cases is not settling in Yankee Universe yet.

Brian Cashman has been atypical this off-season. The overall market plays a part and in comparison to a year ago the players are just not there.

Has Cashman’s moves made sense?

Yankees GM Brain Cashman


Well, safe to say it’s not like last year’s new additions in the Bronx.


Cashman’s biggest move makes the most sense. Adding CF Curtis Granderson from the Tigers and giving up Yankees #1 prospect Austin Jackson+ is reasonable.

Clearly, hearing about this bi-sport athlete prospect who was literally knocking on the door in the Bronx is annoying to not get to see him. Reality is that Jackson production was down and Granderson’s talent is already a fact. Not so exciting to let Phil Coke leave, as he was turning into something. Ian Kennedy was not so much, this even for Coke loss. Point – Cashman.

Score = +1

Obviously, Cashman did see Melky as valuable, nor did he see Matsui’s potential anymore. Two mistakes for two reasons is my prediction.

Matsui is a superior DH in comparison to Nick Johnson. Nothing else needs to be said. Point Taken – Cashman.

Score = 0

The Melk-Man

Cabrera’s 2009 season really proved he had talent, as his confidence was clear. Over his last three seasons the Melk-man has delivered both in the field and at the plate. Enough so for Melky to stick-out and his value to rise.

Arodys Vizcaino was one of the +’s in addition to Melky (+Mike Dunn also in the bunch). This youngster is only 19 years old but was supposedly an ace. It’s another prospect Yankee fans get to watch on another team. How much deeper can our system be?

Javier Vazquez is a questionable pick-up. Vazquez had a great 2009 season on the Braves but not so long ago Vazquez stunk it up in the Bronx; going 4-10 and giving up that ALCS grand slam to Damon in 2004.

The unknown is if Vazquez is better in the National League on a less media obsessed ball-club? Yankees fans don’t baby anyone and especially with Vazquez’s past memories one mistake could be all the mental damage this player could handle.

The Yanks could have fooled around with Joba and Hughes. Hey, it worked last season. Now regretting not getting in on that Halladay/Lee sweepstakes; very un-Yankee-like. Point Taken – Cashman

Score = -1

Brian Bruney

Brian Bruney

Brian Bruney, adios and good luck. Point – Cashman

Score = 0

Johnny Damon‘s potential time frame is up. Cashman could have signed him but sticking it to Scott Boras is worth it. Point – Cashman.

Score = +1

Andy Pettitte resigning for another season is a no-brainer. Point – Cashman; but really Point – Pettitte.

Score = +2

My major concern is that in a month ESPN’s breaking news is the Yankees signing of Aroldis Chapman. The Cuban runaway’s contract is for 30 years deal worth 15 billion dollars. (Joking about contract)



Chapman’s 100+ left-arm is a fact but his range is questionable. His last WBC was a sloppy mess to be nice about the outing. The young-gun has a lot to learn still. His will to do so is where attitude will play the most important part. From what’s been seen and said Chapman’s really into his own brand, without any proof.


Half-Point Taken – Cashman (blaming Cashman because I had to think about this)

No one else seems to blink at this possibility but it’s the Yankees and hand over Lackey to Boston? Halladay to Philly? This is not Yankee-esque of Mr. Cashman and crew, who like to have the last words.


Something to ponder over is what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said,

Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks.



One Comment

  1. Lisa says:

    Just found your blog, and being a diehard Yankee fan..love it. I have a blog that touches on the Yanks a bit, although it's primarily food.

    That said..I'm really not happy losing Matsui AND Damon. I thought there was no doubt that at least one would be signed.

    My beef is, now that Cashman got his WS by buying the right players for once, (since he made such a F'up out of his '08 'Hughes-Kennedy thrown into the fire' experiment), that it's 'ALL ABOUT BRIAN" again. He wants to prove he can put together a team with smart trades and a lower payroll so he's heralded as a savvy GM a la Theo Epstein and co. Because of this.. I feel he took this winning team and went above and beyond what needed to be done to achieve that 'reputation'. He completely annihilated team chemistry, not to mention ditching two of our best bats. I don't think Granderson or Johnson come even close to what we had, and again, that chemistry has been disrupted greatly.

    To sum it..Nay to the Vazquez signing. I don't think he can handle the NY pressure, plus, I swore I never wanted to see him in pinstripes again after that GS to Johnny..lol I honestly do not think he'll be worth the loss of the Melkman. Ye,s pitching is needed, but come on…you could have at least tried to get Lackey!

    Nay to letting Matsui AND Damon go. Yes, Boras is a dick, but come on..you gotta do what's best for the team. Making an offer and sticking withn it wouldn't have been that bad..but no offer?? (Correct me if I'm wrong here).

    All in all, not a fan of Cashman, and this off season isn't helping matters.