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Believe It Or Not The Yankees Secret Weapon


Standing just shy of 5’10, at first glance Brett Gradner does not look like much a weapon.

Garder was deemed to small, not talented enough for the main-stage and critics baffled his life on the all-star roaster of the New York Yankees would be shorter, than sweeter.

Well, I beg to differ right from the start.

Appearing by name in 2009, Gardner’s rookie season landed him in a foursome of rotating outfield, sharing time largely in center with Melky Cabrera.

Even though he was steady on both offense and defense, Gardner was more of a substitute player. Gardner knew his appeal was his speed.

Not being an everyday player, in addition to nearly two months, on the DL with fractured left thumb, Gardner still racked up 26 steals but was only caught five times.

So far 2010 all we have witnessed is a better Brett Gardner.

Regardless of batting last  (9th) in the line-up, Gardner is a tough out for any pitcher. He has a natural instinct for pitches and when he swings at something it usually touches wood.

In 81 at-bats, Gardner has 28 hits, 9 RBIs, 11 walks and 13 steals, and caught just one time. The real diamond in the rough is his OBP is .430. That goes along with .346 average; translation…this kid gets on base, a ton.

Just as Girardi describes, Gardner becomes a nuisance when he is on base. If pitchers do not watch him like a hawk, Gardner will charge you down and steal.

What is also HUGE for the smallest player on the New York Yankees?

Gardner has proven he does not shy away in big spots. This season Gardner has been like clockwork at the plate, getting deep into pitch counts and his fielding has been remarkable.

This makes Gardner a complete weapon against the Boston Red Sox this weekend up in Fenway Park.  The Red Sox been so bad their on pace to allow 275+ steals for the season.

Just as in May, with Tex’s standard recession and Arod, who is still struggling, Gardner was who provided when and where the team needed it.

This weekend the Yankees need Gardner, once again.

He has gained his teams trust. Enough so that Girardi has shifted Gardner back to centerfield to replace Granderson, who is on the DL till June.

With the way things are going, Brett Gardner will be a household name by the end of this 2010 season.

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