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Baseball’s Top Five Craziest Current Events

A typical response to why someone is not a baseball fan is because the game is too slow and boring.

If they only knew that baseball loves drama.

Right now, it could not be more of a soap opera. Teams are soaring when they should be collapsing, and vice versa.

Here is my list (in dramatic order) of the top five craziest things currently going on in the MLB:

(1) The Mets are winning! Yes, it is true the team is in the middle of a five game win streak. Mets fans must be in utter shock, and I can promise you most are not falling for this yet. What makes this seem AMAZIN’ is they have shut down a team that has been to the World Series the last two seasons. Their division rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Not just once, or twice but three times in a row and not allowing a run to score. This is by far #1 and basically could be the only event and it would be a satisfactory list.

(2) The Red Sox, who looked pretty much a lost cause this season, took a series from the mighty Tampa Bay Rays.

Trust me, if your not a baseball fan just know that this is HUGE. The AL East might be the toughest division race in the history of baseball. Thank god the Baltimore Orioles still stink because it is already crazy enough. From here on out every game played by the Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox and Rays has no room for error.

(3) The umpires jobs are to make judgments regarding play, and to make sure both teams are following the rules of conduct. This year umpires are making terrible calls and very obviously too. Never have there been this many umpire issues.

It started opening day when umpire Joe West complained about the game’s length being to long, between the Yankees and Red Sox. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play. It is a disgrace to baseball. Way to honor the biggest rivalry in sports and such a nice start to the season.Just some advice, if you don’t like your job than quit. Even White Sox Manager, Ozzie Guillen was totally right calling at Joe West for those  two balk calls in the first three innings. Guillen and his pitcher Mark Buehrle were ejected for calling Joe West out on being ridiculous calls.

They were NOT balks, just watch here:

(4) One pitcher has 61 strikeouts and an ERA of .88 and at this point in the season that is phenomenal stuff. It is Colorado Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez, who is on a path to break Bob Gibson’s record set back in 1968 of finishing with a 1.123 era, while he was playing for the St. Louis Cardinals.

This is the most idolized pitching record in baseball, so understand that fans might be witness to baseball history. Even crazier, Jimenez’s has continually lowered his ERA to allow for some breathing room which is hard to imagine.

Since the game was different in 1968, there will be controversy if it can be fairly comparable. In Gibson’s record season, he pitched more than nine innings on four occasions, logged 13 shutout games and pitched for 304 2/3 innings. That doesn’t happen in modern baseball, but pitching degree of difficulty has gone up since 1968 too. Let’s get there first and than ESPN can debate it to death anyway.

(5) The Baseball Gods visited me last night and told me this:

The New York Yankees repeat in 2010.

Just kidding, but I am a Yankees fan and that is the goal. The team needs to heal a little more to be back to full potential.

Otherwise, just officially announcing that the Yankees have adopted a motto for the month of June


Not pointing any fingers, but Teixeira and Arod are getting branded July 1 if they don’t get with the program. It is starting to look like a soap opera at the plate. Ultimately, this will decide the Yankees quest for 28 because without their bats it ain’t going to happen, it’s that simple.


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