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Baseball’s Back, So What Now?

2010 Spring Training is in full swing, and April 4th is so close you can taste it.

So, what now? Or more like what’s next?

Time to start the coulda, woulda, shoulda of predictions for the 2010 season.

Here are four to ponder:

  • The New York Mets will have a new manager before the All-Star break. Historically teams in similar situation usually turn it around with a fresh leader. By no means is Jerry Manuel a bad manager, just not a fit for the New York Mets. Even if the Mets start out hot, the memories remain and one slip is all thats needed and in baseball that is inevitable.
  • The AL East just got tougher. Not because of the usual suspects being Yanks, Red Sox and knowing what the Rays are capable of, but because of the Baltimore Orioles. It’s fair to say the Orioles have stunk the past few years, winning a combined 132 games in 2008 and 2009. Stinking with strategy will be the headline, as the Orioles have been stacking up their farm system and it is deep. Guess after watching the Red Sox, Rays and Yanks win using Boston GM’s Theo Epstein home-grown method, it was only a matter of time that the Orioles restructure. These youngsters are now coming up and it’s time Camden Yard fills-up again with Oriole fans.
  • The Seattle Mariners will dominate the AL West because of their pitching. Cliff Lee will dominate this season, winning the Cy Young again. Lee is on a contract year and clearly stated to he wants teams to show him the money. Well, not to hard to figure out how big contracts get signed. Lee will want the heck out of Seattle as he is not happy to be there in the first place, but that was his own choice. Lee pitched with purpose in the World Series and he was scary-good. This foot injury is nothing to be concerned about, because Lee can wrap in $20 dollar bills if needed.
  • Pending the latest HGH questions remain just questions, Alex Rodriguez will dominate in 2010 and the Yankees will thrive. Arod ended 2009 going strong, breaking his curse of choking in the post-season. Missing the first seven weeks in 2009 season because of hip surgery, is now a year ago for the slugger. Translation – Arod is healthy, happy and here. Also, Jeter is his BFF for now, start to slack and he can kiss the Captain goodbye.
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