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Baseball Basics: What Is A 6-4-3 Double Play?

What is a 6-4-3 Double Play? That is a question I get all the time from friends of mine, so much recently that I thought I would explain why announcers will refer to an out in this way. When a team is playing defense, meaning the players are in the field each of the nine […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics Part 2

The first part of this basic covered the batters, so here is the second post which gives definitions of the pitching statistics abbreviations. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISTICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” PART 2 For Pitchers: G = Games Pitched GS = Games Started CG = Complete Games GF – Games Finished IP […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics

Hey newbie fans, hopefully by now you have started to grasp the basics of baseball. Now with the season in full swing, you newbies should be ready for the next question. This has been asked a few times over the last week. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” Batters and […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game, Part Two

Part two: Watching A Game, is to help the newbie fan with basic game lingo. It will come in handy especially when watching a game on TV or listening on the radio to start to understand the announcers jargon and relating it to whats going on in the game. BASEBALL’S BASIC LINGO: Bat: If you […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game

Ok, it is time to learn the basics of what goes on in a baseball game, and to make it easier for the newbie it will be split into two posts, over two weeks. Part One will cover the bare bones about # of games, game break down and how a batter can get on base. THE SEASON […]

Baseball Basics: The Who, What, Where

BASEBALL BASICS WEEKLY QUESTION: Last season during the bottom of the second inning, one of my best friend’s cheered, “There is Derek Jeter! Go Jeter!” Except she was pointing at the catcher, Jorge Posada squatting behind home-plate. I asked her, “What position does Derek Jeter play?” She responds, “Hmmm shortstop, right?” To aide in times […]