Bartolo Colon: CY Young Zero To New York Yankees Hero Bartolo Colon: CY Young Zero To New York Yankees Hero Bartolo Colon: CY Young Zero To New York Yankees Hero

Bartolo Colon: CY Young Zero To New York Yankees Hero? Who Knew

After winning the 2005 CY Young Award (MVP for pitching), Bartolo Colon went from pitching hero to CY Young zero pretty quickly.

Physically, Colon was never the poster boy for anything athletic. Standing at 5’11 and hovering around 250 lbs. certainly explained the numerous injuries, which understandably exhibited a poor and lazy attitude.

In 2005, the 32-year-old Colon made 33 starts and posted a 21-8 record, with a 3.48 ERA, 157 strikeouts, over 223 innings for the Los Angeles Angels.

Even though 2005 earned Colon the coveted CY Young Award, this was not his best season on record but it would prove what seemed to be his last.

Following being the best pitcher in baseball, the next four seasons were atrocious, as Colon’s downfall compares best to that of the 2007 New York Mets. It was that bad.

From 2006-2009, Colon played for the Angels, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. In total he made 47 starts, posting a 14-21 record, with an ERA just shy of 5.00, while striking out 172 batters, over 256 innings in total.

So, anybody saying that Yankee fans had no foundation to be apprehensive is just a hater because Colon’s history did not spell anything but possible problem.

Rightfully the Brian Cashman criticism followed, as confusion over the definition of a GM’s job was being questioned. Wasn’t a GM supposed to sign players to help the team win?

Well, Colon is making Cashman look like a certified genius.

Look, I am not forgetting that this was a HUGE gamble for Cashman and even though it is working out BIG time, it could have easily gone south too but it didn’t.

Fact is at 38-years-old and still way over-weight, Colon can still pitch and completely control a baseball game. Colon throws the ball sharply, with enough velocity (clocking a mid-90’s fastball) and movement to be game winning effective starter.

In 2011, Colon has made two starts and three appearances in long-relief, posting a 2-1 record, with a 2.77 ERA, with 26 strikeouts over a total of 26 innings. Opposing bats are averaging .237 when Colon is on the hump.

I witnessed Colon throw eight brilliant innings against the White Sox at the Stadium on Wednesday night, leading the Yankees to a much-needed win following two losses in a row.

Point is, what potentially could have been a mess with the unfortunate Phil Hughes situation; has actually become an unexpected shock.

At this point, even if Colon fell on his face, he has delivered well beyond any Yankee fans expectations and it has been an absolute pleasure thus far.

To be honest, I am still in complete shock at what Colon and the rest of the tattered veterans are doing in the Bronx thus far in 2011.


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