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Ban The Fan

Ban the fan?

Yes, ban the fan. Specifically, the Philadelphia Philly fan and below lists the reasons why.

1. The difference between passion and anger is what can take sports fanships from fun to scary. If you come to cheer on your team in Philly land, beware that your life is in danger! Gender, age make no difference to the fanatics, as you are the enemy #1, with a bullseye on your forehead.

Looks of disgust would be getting by easy, as threats, screaming to get the f-out of Philly and my favorite the questions that the Philly fan has no intention of letting you answer.

For example, from a personal experience a Philly fanatic stopped me and yelled, “HOW DOES IT FELL TO HAVE TO BUY A TEAM?
Before my mouth even opens this person continued, even louder with, “THAT TEAM THAT SUCKS AND HOPE YOU LIKE TO LOSE. WELL, BETTER GET USED TO IT A-HOLE!!”

This can be followed by spitting on you or even pushing. It is not fun and doesn’t represent Philadelphia as a city very well. Uneducated, classless and unruly is how I would describe inmates in prison or fans of the Phillies.

2. Yankees have Jay Z and Alicia Keyes perform, Mary J and John Legend singing the National Anthem during the world series games hosted in the Bronx.

The Phillies had ‘The Monster Mash’ preformed by some zombies and the Phanatic and GLEE sing the National Anthem. GLEE is a TV show I have never heard of, ever.

I had the pleasure of being at both games. The pleasure being the Yankees won both games. Maybe the Philles fans are so embarrassed by this performance that the anger becomes justified.

Please, click the video below to see for yourself. This is straight from my camera so it is original.

‘The Monster Mash’

3. During the games there are fans everywhere that will heckle a player from time to time. Every baseball game has the fan that is head to toe in the home teams apparel but spends the entire nine innings, winning or losing just heckling the other team.

In Citizens Bank Park that is the majority of the fans. The negative energy is exhausting to listen too. Please note that every ballpark has this fan but no one like them anywhere.

The chanting of “YANKEES SUCK” is the Philly fans definition of cheering on their team. Understand that is going to happen but when it’s all that happens, that’s when it is a problem. The problem being the team who is on your jersey, hat and underwear is losing.

As the saying goes, “Press is Press” and can’t feel so good if your playing on the field at home.

4. A continuation of the above banter or bullshit, whatever you want to call it.

We cannot forget about the towel spinning. The team’s color is red and it screams on it’s on. The need to freak out by spinning the red and white towels like your having a seizure is just annoying.

This is distracting to everyone who is involved, even the other fanatics involved in this routine. It’s like looking at someone wearing one of those dizzy t-shirts that you can only handle looking at for five seconds. There is no way this can help anyone, except the people who have the job of handing these out for free as you walk into the ballpark.

Other teams (aka Mets) are guilty of this act of god-knows-what and this fully applies to them too.

5. The Phillies Mascot is the strangest creature I have ever seen.
Wikipedia defines ‘the Phanatic’ as, a fat furry green creature that somewhat resembles a bird from the rear view with a cylindrical beak containing a tongue that sticks out.

As a native New Yorker, the Phanatic boggles my mind. This thing runs up and down the top of the Phillies dugout, shaking its fat tummy attempting get fans into the game.

Shockley, just a google search away was the history of this Phanatic. Apparently, the Phillies fans in the last 70’s were so unruly that other teams were complaining and the amount of fights fans caused was overwhelming. This was happening regardless of the Phillies success as a team.

So, the solution to this problem was the Phanatic. This mascot’s job came with the hopes into attracting families to the games. The Phanatic’s presence has not changed a thing for the Phillies; except maybe the Astroturf of Veteran’s Stadium to a now the grass at the new Citizens Bank Park.

The Phanatic has been around for a long time but that is about all he will go down in history for, as not for any change in the spirit of his fans.

That was my first experience going to a Phillies home game and hopefully my last. As a fan who has been too countless Red Sox games in the Bronx and two at Fenway Park that I would not be surprised at all.

Well, I was completely WRONG.

If my Yankees play there again I will go because they need support and protection. This time at least I will be more ready.

For Phillies fans out there who come to the Bronx in Phillies garb, you will never look the same again. Before no one cared seeing you, now that’s changed. Just a heads-up but considering everything, New Yorkers have bigger fish to fry than the Phanatic Philly Fans.

You must make Philadelphia so proud!


  1. PHILLYPHAN says:

    So what if we say that other teams suck? We still cheer on our team and that is all that matters. And yeah there are a lot of rude Phillies fans that like to pick a fight with the other team but don't all teams have fans like that. The Phanatic is awesome and does a great job at making the crowd excited. And finally, we are talking about the sport of baseball, right? So who the hell cares about who sings the National Anthem? Jay Z sucks anyway.

    • Kate says:

      FYI….Jay Z and Alicia Keys preformed 'Empire State of Mind'. It is a special event that deserves that kind of special performance and Jay Z is at most Yankees games, so it his loyalty to the team.
      Go too utube and watch Michael Jackson's Super Bowl 1993. That is what I am talking about. I just expected the Boss or Bon Jovi surprise or something.

      Phillies fans are way more concerned with the other team, which is just less attention for the Phillies. You are right, every team including the Yankees has those fans. Difference is in Philly it's the only kind-of fan. Hey if Yankees meet you in the World Series again, I will be there no doubt.