Not bad news yet but not music in New York Yankee fans ears either Not bad news yet but not music in New York Yankee fans ears either Not bad news yet but not music in New York Yankee fans ears either

Not bad news yet but not music in New York Yankee fans ears either

The bad news is that New York Yankees slugger Curtis Grandersonis hurting.

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News reported that Yankees GM Brain Cashman confirmed that the reason Granderson was out of the line-up was due to a sore right elbow.

So, why is this necessarily bad news?

No not necessarily yet, but Cashman did go on to say that Granderson was having, “…a precautionary MRI tomorrow to make sure it’s nothing significant.”

No one gets an MRI unless a doctor is looking for the source of the pain, and needs to dig deeper because the x-rays and physical tests could not determine anything.

So, why does this make a “precautionary” MRI on Granderson’s elbow a serious concern?

Well speaking for myself, yes I am concerned for two reasons.

1) The first being that the Yankees use the word “precautionary” before an MRI a lot and in the past has turned into a serious injury or a lengthy DL stint too many times.

A recent example from last season is when Joba Chamberlain required Tommy John surgery. It was reported everywhere that Joba had a precautionary MRI exam.

Also last season; remember when Rafael Soriano did not appear in the 8th inning on May 11th?

The reason was stated as soreness in his throwing elbow, Soriano took the game off and will have a precautionary MRI exam. And he did not pitch again until end of July.

2) My own personal experience from a recent tennis injury.

Here is a quick recap:

In February of 2010, I had surgery on my right elbow to fix a decayed and torn-upped tendon, but it all started with what I described, as a sore elbow.

The soreness began escalating to the point of interfering with everyday things, but it particularly flared when I gripped anything. Also, had numbness in my pointer and middle fingers.

The x-rays and practical tests came back inconclusive, so I went to physical therapy and had cortisone shots but nothing seemed to help.

Finally my father sent me to a new doctor and he immediately sent me for an MRI. Results came back and surgery was needed.

And now just found out I need wrist surgery on the same arm, and the doctor only saw the damage to my wrist via a follow-up MRI, as nothing showed up on the x-ray again.

I am well aware that I am not a pro-athlete like Granderson; and I know that comparing my injury to his is being a little paranoid.

Still, you must keep in mind the Grandy-man is a position player, not a pitcher so to experience elbow pain is not as common and he has been injury prone in the past.

So, in my opinion either the Yankees are being overly cautious because he is not a pitcher, or it just hurts him that badly.

Who knows but Yankee fans have been down this road too many times to not be able to worry.

So, until skipper Joe Girardi or Cashman say otherwise, I will continue to fret over the health of one of the team’s most vital players because losing Granderson for any amount of time could be upsetting.