Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain

Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain

He is the captain of all captains….

He was the USA captain; he is managers and players most respected player; he has 4 rings…these are just a few facts on Derek Jeter’s resume. 

As a fan I look up to him. I walk head high, with a sense of arrogance because this man is my captain. He doesn’t break promises, on or off the field. He’s not all about ‘getting mine’ as he respects his elders, learns from his peers and the traditions of the Yankees is his pride. That is why A-rod only makes him look better everyday.

He is ‘Captain Clutch’, Mr. November and plays under the microscope of the greatest city on earth. Since the day he entered the majors, to do under that pressure, in a game-on the line situations… everything so flawlessly and effortlessly is remarkable.  He is about as god-like for an athlete I can think of.

I know most of the what I saying is common knowledge, even to Yankee haters but that’s not why I am writing this. It is because this man is now being called washed up, with the worst stats for a shortstop in baseball and over-rated. This hurts, as it makes me so upset that in sports we cannot give credit to the good guys, the leaders, the role-models.

A leader is “a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal”. To be a leader, a person must have a deep-rooted commitment to the goal; and he will strive to do meet it even if nobody follows him. Someone that I can confidently tell a child, with not even a pause to follow him, to follow his example as a person, an athlete and a captain.

So, thank you Mr. Jeter for making me believe and for all the pride you have brought me over the years. You still have lots more baseball to play, and I am thrilled to see you for years to come. My applause has only grown over the years, as you are my captain.What you  represent as a person is a lot more than that.
From everyone watching you on TV, or live at the stadium; from your dugout, or an opponents, we are all honored and humbled to call ourselves a Derek Jeter fan.


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