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New Orleans Paints The City Like Saints

Who Dat? Who Dat?

It’s the City of New Orleans who is familiar to the Superbowl, playing gracious host to the big game many times.

The patient Saints fans watching as team after team celebrated in their home.

Now, it’s their turn, as the Saints are just days away from playing in their first Superbowl ever.

Who couldn’t cheer for a city who’s undying spirit is on full display, after all the devastation it’s faced?

If your not a Colts fan, the answer is you can’t. To be anything other than awestruck, inspired and a little jealous, but in a good way because loyalty like that becomes contagious.

Easy to forget that the Saints could still lose on Sunday, as Payton Manning’s Colts can rival it with talent.

The Saint’s formula will focus on two main aspects:

Do anything and everything to stop Peyton Manning.

  • The defense must limit Manning to short passes, while not relying on the blitz. Manning is 6’6 feet tall so it is hard to limit his vision by charging him from the sides. Rattle him coming straight up the middle as the Colts love to control the center with their pass game. The Saints coverage of Guarcone, Clarke and Collie is a key reason.
  • Manning is the best liar, as his pre-snap antics on the line allow him to read the defense to the last second on the play clock and gets defenses to fold their cards. The Saints have to beat him at this own game by being inconsistent especially on man to man coverage, mixing up coverage to the point where their uncomfortable.
  • Can’t overlook Joseph Adi by Manning need for attention.
  • The Colts offense need to run the clock when possible because keeping Manning off the field for even seconds can decide the game.

Reggie Bush and Jermon Bushrod

  • Reggie Bush has to have a huge game.  Bush is a functional player who outrun any team both as a running back and a wide receiver.
  • Utilize Bush’s arsenal from the start, to allow openings for Brees to throw long. Brees is a great third down QB and can be relied  under pressure.
  • Saints left tackle, Jermon Bushrod protection of Brees blindside, from the Colts first-class defensive end Dwight Freeney is essential. Freeney is questionable with an ankle injury, but couldn’t imagine him not playing.
  • Saints have to score touchdowns because this is where they have the advantage.

Will the Saints go marching in?

The City of New Orleans will be waiting, no matter what.

Waiting for the champions is only appropriate, and the Saints would love to be the ones to do that.

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  1. slamdunk says:

    Good post. The proven formula for beating the Colts-type defense is run the ball. It will wear out the Colts' small fast guys and keep their touchdown-happy offense on the sidelines.

    I say go Saints as well.

    • Kate says:

      That is correct. The Saints have the sixth best running game in the entire league. Advantage Saints!

      Thank you for the comment!!

  2. christina says:

    Love this post!!! I hope Saints win – !!!!