ALDS Game Three: Yankees Lose To Tigers, But TBS Announcers Were Awful ALDS Game Three: Yankees Lose To Tigers, But TBS Announcers Were Awful ALDS Game Three: Yankees Lose To Tigers, But TBS Announcers Were Awful

ALDS Game Three: Yankees Lose To Tigers, But TBS Announcers Were Awful

First of all, I started writing this in the middle of Game 3 in the ALDS between the Yankees and Tigers.

Verlander has lived up to his CY Young reputation of the game, and now the Tigers just won 5-4 and what a great game played by both teams.

But this is not about the outcome of the game; it is about the TBS announcers I had to endure throughout it.

Three of the TBS crew consists of Brian Anderson, John Smoltz and Ron Darling, which translates into one failed Golf Channel announcer (Anderson), one ex-Brave/Red Sox (Smoltz), one ex-Met (Darling).

Whoever put that group together for this series should be fired. I mean Mets fans cannot even listen to Darling do home games in Queens.

Obviously as a Yankee fan, but also as a baseball fan the rah-rah Tigers and antiYankees was an absolute atrocity. It went along great with the two different strike zones the homeplate umpire had, with the Yankees being smaller than the Tigers.

I happened to be watching this game with a die-hard Phillies fan friend, and he described the announcing as “worse than listening to FOX’s Joe Buck.” And he also acknowledged, “I thought the Phillies got it bad, but that this was the most obvious hating he had ever heard.”

This commentating sounded more like a Tigers fan club meeting, or an anti-Yankees protester group. Look, I get that Darling and Smoltz probably can’t help themselves for obvious reasons, but the blame falls on TBS.

It is expected that a broadcasting station should be able to figure out a how to put together an even-keeled and neutral bunch of hosts.

As far as I am concerned, MLB should not sell TBS the rights to the postseason ever again. It is just total crap and it is not fun to listen to the announcers’ give zero credit to one team, but at the same time defend and excuse every mistake made by the other.

In the third inning when the Tigers were losing 2-0, Darling went on a rant about how the Tigers game plan was working out absolutely perfectly and that the Yankees were falling for it. At that point the Yankees were winning the game, so what exactly was working out???? It is not as if Verlander shut the Yankee hitters down…

Please, don’t think I am making excuses for the Yankees loss, as I want to completely CONGRATULATE the Detroit Tigers for a great victory and a well-played game.

The Tigers fought harder and deserved to win this one…as the Yankees had many missed opportunities, as most losing teams usually do.

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  1. Yankee in Philly says:

    Thank God someone else not only noticed but took the time to write about it!

    I hope this catches mainstream media and gets someone's attention.

    go nyy.

  2. Ed says:


    I'll never wathc (or more accurately listen) to a TBS broadcast again. Were theywearing Tigers uniforms in the booth?

    And the game was decided by the home plate umpire.

    Go back and review the tape.

    • Kate says:

      Totally agree with you Eddie….I was fuming last night and all day today till we kick some Tigers behinds back to NYC.

  3. Santiago says:

    There is an easy cure for this problem. I never listen to the TV announcers because they are usually just like the TBS bunch. I like Joe Buck but Tim McCarver makes me barf – literally. I'm a Yankee fan and I would just as well listen to John and Suzyn on WCBS. They are actually very knowledgeable and criticize the Yankees as much as lauding the opponents when they make plays. John is the first to say that a pitch looked good or bad but "my opinion doesn't count" or say you can't blame it on the umps, you have to win the game by outscoring the other team. All you need is a laptop or PC and a very cheap subscription to the audio feed and you can listen to the feed from either team and for most teams in spanish as well. Mute the TV and turn up the feed with the added bonus of knowing what's about to happen on TV about 5-7 seconds in advance as the FCC requires live TV broadcasts to insert a delay (ever since the super bowl "wardrobe malfunction").

  4. Tigersfan6884 says:

    What is funny is that I am a Tigers fan I felt like the announcers are completely pro Yankees and anti Tigers. So I guess either way TBS sucks and I pray that they never get another post season cause this has been just crap.

    • Kate says:

      You know what…I have heard that before from other fans about broadcasters; like Joe Buck, who I think makes a point to hate the Yankess, but some Philly-fan friends think he is always putting down the Phillies.

      Maybe it is some kind of subconscious fan sensitivity??!!!

  5. Beth says:

    I totally agree, the announcers are horrible. I am a die hard Yankee fan and the announcers must be living under a rock. I know not everyone follows the Yankees as much as I do, but one of the announcers didn't even know that Jeter got his 3000 hit! If you are into baseball and follow it wouldn't you know about that?!

    I was just flipping thru the channels and they had a postgame wrap up with David Wells and Cal Ripken in the studio talking about the game, why aren't they doing the announcing?!

    • Kate says:

      Well, Beth I though I was going to punch my TV. Glad the Yankees brought it back to the Bronx for Game 5…..cause I will be at the Stadium so won't have to listen. Thank God!

  6. Terry says:

    Are you sure you've got the right game on? Are you certain you're not catching some ghost broadcast of Ernie Harwell floating around in space for 40 years?

    All I've heard is that the Yankees are playing (oh, yeah and some team called the tigers).

  7. greg says:

    I wish I could find a commentating team that were NOT in the tank for the yankees. It makes for a very frustrating TV viewing. I'm searching for a radio station that I can listen to play by play and not have to listen to these saps on TV. I hope they eat crow!!!!!what a bunch of idiots!!

  8. eric says:

    yea sort of like when sherzer (sp) had a no hitter going and the announcers where talking about a no hitter in the second inning…..there is things you just dont talk about until its over …a no hiter being one of them

  9. Christine says:

    After watching game 5 last night, my impression was that the announcers were sorry that the Yankees didn't win it. I tried to listen objectively, but just couldn't shake the opinion that they were rooting for NY. Professional broadcasters should be objective. Viewers shouldn't be able to detect ANY bias. I guess those days are gone. GO TIGERS

    • Kate says:

      Christine – I was at the Game so I didn't hear the announcing; but I did DVR it but can't muster up the strength to watch it over right now. If I ever will be able to watch the disaster, I will be sure to let you know.

  10. Tim says:

    I think if you watch the tape you will see they seemed to be slobbering on the Yankees. They said, "2 runs is not enough of a lead against these Tigers" It is only a matter of time before the Yankees break it open" my favorite. My wife who isn't a baseball fan said " go kiss him already" when they were fawning over Cano. Did you here the call on his grand slam? HOW FAR WILL IT GO" It was a great hit but it was as if it was heading for Shea. Call the home run. The homers by the Tigers were like they were at a wake, the Yankees? like the 2nd coming.

    They were so pro Yankee it was sickening, the promos for TBS looked like you were watching YES. No Tiger montage.

    Not sure if you get different announcers but the national TBS guys were so pro yankees is was a crime.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I'm a huge Yankee fan and found the TBS broadcasters seriously lacking in enthusiasm, intensity or insight. I was surprised because I have heard Ron Darling on SNY doing Mets games and he is usually much better than this. I muted the TV and turned on John and Suzyn, but the delay drove me nuts. Then I tried 1050 ESPN radio and it was great – Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser do an excellent job, IMO, and there isn't as much of a delay.

  12. Jeff says:

    And here it is a year later and its the same situation. I'm not asking for pro-Yankee announcers, but how about at least some impartial ones? If I hear them say "when we get back to Detroit" one more time, I will hit mute.

  13. Mike says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Is there anything more pathetic than a Yankee fan complaining about that how the Yankees don't get enough love from the national media? I mean: are you freakin' kidding me? It's the rest of us who have to sit and listen to the likes of everyone from Bob Costas to Tim McCarver to Joe Buck all the way down Brian Anderson his two so-called analysts Smoltz and Darling root for the Yankees to get to, dominate and win the World Series. And why? Because, to quote Steinbrenner himeself, it puts fannies in the seats–though, in this case, the seats are the La-Z-Boys in front of the television.

    In this past game, these yahoos even went so far as to discuss how, "to be candid, Sanchez is not throwing good pitches" and that he's only getting the Yankees out because in spite of his bad pitches, "the Yankees just weren't recognizing them." Really? Frankly, any pitch that is unrecognizable to the batter–even a Yankee–sounds like a pretty damn good pitch to me.

    I'm sorry, but the Yankees have never suffered from not enough love. Ever.

  14. edd says:

    Yankee announcer shouldn't announce Boston games , it not 3 innings before Joe Buck and company start reliving what the Yankee did during the season , and what cousins , nephews, and sock sizes their relatives wear, it's brutal !!!!