ALCS Game Three: Home Is Where The Walk-Off Is - Lady Loves Pinstripes ALCS Game Three: Home Is Where The Walk-Off Is - Lady Loves Pinstripes ALCS Game Three: Home Is Where The Walk-Off Is - Lady Loves Pinstripes

ALCS Game Three: Home Is Where The Walk-Off Is

Tonight the Angels status went from zero, back on in this ALCS,  with the team’s walk-off win.

The Yankees are still a game up but the dream of a sweep and an easy way out from the L.A. ghosts of playoffs past  got taken back down to reality in game three’s loss.

Everyone was disappointed but no one was surprised by the Angels winning back at home.

The Yankees have been preparing for a fight and never expected this series to be any different. The Yankees could fluff their cushions by taking game four before heading back to the Bronx leading the series by two.

The game started on a high with our Captain blasting a solo shot into right field. Following Jeter was Arod and then Damon giving the Yankees a 3-0 lead.

Angels Vladimir Guerrero had been hitless for his last 11 plate appearances in a row. Guerrero’s 12th time was a wake-up call by hitting a 2-run blast.

Safe to say that this chump is out of his slump.

After Guerrero, the game was tied as Howie Kendrick hit a home-run the inning before so the game was 3-3.

The fourth Yankees solo homer, by Posada tied the game leading into extra innings.

Pettitte pitched well and should not take any heat because the Southpaw did his job. A solid performance for Pettitte overall.

Both teams deserving a win for just their efforts alone but the Angels went home with that honor. It was the second straight, extra innings game and it has been a tough battle, no doubt.

In the last two games, one job is in question for being way over-done to the point of being out-of-line was our skipper ‘s, Joe Girardi.

What the heck was he thinking removing Robertson when he had two strikeouts and was hot on the mound?

Prior to that, why would you put Joba in and not go straight to Hughes?

He took out three big bats to bring in more relievers, which made absolutely no sense at all.

Girardi looked like he was playing musical pitchers, up and down in the dugout.

What is that binder doing in the dugout?  Joe G. was flipping through this thing and then making changes. Is it the same binder that is home to the Joba rules?

If it is,throw it out or burn it, I don’t care. This is the post-season and time for learning is over. It’s a matter of staying with whom is hot at the moment and getting the outs needed to win.

Being on the dark-side of a walk-off is an uncustomary feeling in Yankees-land.

Hopefully, they will get mad and get even. That is the ideal future for the Bombers to win a game for before coming back home.

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