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A Yankee Story: The Joba Saga

Joba, is the topic of the baseball world once again, today. What should the Yankees do?

Maybe I stand alone by saying that I don’t think you should count Chamberlain out just yet.

Here is my view on this special young man and his situation:

– I think the “Joba Rules” have caused such a stir in the media world and with the fans that Joba gets criticized very easily. It seems that the boundaries of expectations are much higher for Joba. I am guilty myself as pouncing on his every pitch. Talk about the stress on a 23 year old that must bring.

– Joba does not need special treatment anymore. Specifically referring to the extra days off, as this kid is healthy and loves to get out there so let him.

– Regarding the post season, unlike most, I think this guy will thrive. Joba feeds off the pressure and the competition of those big game spots. Two seasons ago the only thing both the team and the fans had to hold onto was Joba because of his passion. Give him a chance.

– Last night Joba faced one of the toughest hitting team in baseball, the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are also in a tight Wild Card race and cannot really afford to lose even one game right now.

– If you read the stats from the game Joba main issue was in the 2nd and 4th innings. The hits came with two outs and no runners on base so at least it was a pattern. This seems to be Joba’s problem area so it needs to be worked on. His focus needs to elevate in those situations.

– At home, Joba seems to be pitching with the idea to strikeout every batter. At Yankee Stadium he has a high pitch count, high strikeout rate, high walk rate which can all be attributed to his possible closer mentality.

Joba is young and needs to just calm down in front of the Yankee crowd. This is evident from this road stats having a lower walk rate but it is the OBP that is what is killing him in the Bronx.

All the Yankees have to do is work to help Joba just grow. The problem is contained, as far as I can see so that is better than a pitcher who is so erratic you don’t even know where to begin.

This can only come with time but no one can deny his talent. The Yankees know it and trust me Joba has the best group to help him.

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